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Sharm El Sheikh

Egypt  Egypt

Sharm El Sheikh

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Mount Moses and Monastery of SV. Catherine – here is what you will see once you visit this tour.

To climb the mountain is not easy, it has a height of about 2,300 metres above sea level, but wanting to make this rise is not reduced. Someone who goes for the thrill, others by his faith. Because according to legend it was on this mountain (mount Horeb) Moses received a revelation from God – the 10 commandments. It was here that he asked for the forgiveness of sins for all his people, so thousands of believers are committed to the treasured top to see the sunrise with repentance and prayers. They believe that with the first rays of the sun their soul will be purified from all black, and all their sins will be forgiven.

Trip to Moses Mountain takes place in the evening (around 21:00), the road to the place takes 2-3 hours. Further, a small stop at a café next to the mountain, where you can drink coffee and listen to the instructions of the guide.
Then forward on the ascent!

You have to go at night almost in the dark, under the stars and lanterns (which you will be given the conductor), first at an artificially laid trail is quite wide with a slope, and then at the 750 steps up to the top. About 2.5 hours is spent on the climb itself.

There is a shorter way, which is the traditional way of pilgrims. But the climb up is possible only in the daytime because it is much steeper and harder. This path consists entirely of steps, neatly arranged boulders, nothing protected. Climbing on it for security purposes is not carried out. In the last part of the road the two roads are merged so that the last 750 steps the panel raised the same way followed by the prophet.

Duration: approx 20:00 to 14:00
Bring along: passport, snacks, water, warm clothes (on the mountain is much colder and windy).

On top of the mountain Moses is an observation platform with the ruins of the chapel of the Holy Trinity and a small mosque. Along the way there are stops where you can take a break and eat. You can also drive the first part of the way up the steps to the camel, had with the local Bedouins for 20-30$.

On top of the mountain is very windy, so anytime of year you will need warm jackets. In winter time the mandatory warm shoes.

After the sunrise the same way you came down off the mountain. Now in the daylight you can admire views of the surrounding area of Sinai.

Next you will visit the monastery of SV. Catherine located at the foot of mount Moses. If you want to defend the service, then you need to book a separate excursion to this monastery. Within a combined with the mountain of Moses you can see the monastery itself is another place where together there are several religions.

You can put a candle in the Church of the Transfiguration; see the well dug by Moses, and still supplies the monastery with water, marvel at the mystery of the widely known Burning Bush. From the flames of this burning Bush God appeared to Moses. I tried to turn over, he is never caught and continues to grow only in this place. Some leave him little notes about what you wish for.

After visiting this place, the group goes way back to Sharm El Sheikh. Excursion to mount Moses and the Monastery of St. Catherine will end around 13:00.

Please note:

— Bring your passport, because on the way to the mountain will have several inspection stations.

— Although you will be able to sleep in the bus (about 3 hours journey to the place), still suggest you a good rest and sleep before the trip. Excursion quite difficult. Children better with him on it not to take, the road is in places quite near the cliff, at night it can be dangerous for them.

— Don't forget to enjoy yourself at the reception of your hotel Breakfast in the form of dry rations.

— Warm clothes needed in any time of the year, because despite the heat in Egypt, on top of a mountain – a strong wind and about +5+8 degrees. If desired, the top you can rent warm blankets, but their purity is not guaranteed.

— Shoes should be comfortable, in the winter time – warming. Warm up will help and headpiece.

— To visit the Church need to have knees and shoulders covered.

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