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Sunny beach

Bulgaria  Bulgaria

Sunny beach

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Holidays in Sunny beach
Sunny Beach is often chosen by tourists in Bulgaria. It has become popular due to the unusual shape of its shoreline, a horseshoe-shaped section of land with a sky-blue sea. However, there is no reason to worry that you will be closely under the Bulgarian sun. Sign up for tours in Bulgaria at the Sunny beach resort and go into town, where every day is a holiday. Here you will feel a boost early in the morning and the charm of the night.
What attracts this place?
Best beaches
On this beautiful resort, you will appreciate not only the fine yellow-Golden sand, but natural sand dunes that make its uniqueness. The water near the shore is shallow, and the waves silk and affectionate. This holiday Bulgaria Sunny Beach resort safe and welcome. Lovers of traditional beach holiday will appreciate it! On the beaches there is everything necessary for comfortable rest. There is always company, playing beach volleyball, which with joy will accept You in their team. This stay in Bulgaria in Sunny beach universal and optimal: it is comfortable and interesting to everyone, regardless of Hobbies, goals, age and gender.
Freedom for children
Parents can be calm, because tours in Bulgaria at the Sunny Beach resort provide plenty of entertainment for their little fidgets. Fenced Playground with swings, pools, slides and other outdoor facilities will allow kids to spend carefree time. Children can build sand castles on the beach, light, minidisco and participate in interesting competitions. You will be able to relax and unwind from everyday worries while Your child is playing and having fun.
Night life
The city comes alive after sunset, everything around is changing, lights are lit and signs of various establishments. Music and songs sound at once, forcing campers to move and spread out into a smile. There are plenty of clubs, cafes, restaurants and karaoke bars, where visitors can take turns to sing their favorite songs. The resort also features a Park with attractions that are just breathtaking! The streets are full of shops and larechkov, where you can buy delicious donuts under a delicious sauce, juicy Shawarma and unusual ice cream. Prices for entertainment in Sunny beach is very democratic.
Tours to Sunny beach from Minsk will give the opportunity for travelers to visit the city of Nessebar, to stroll through its ancient streets, see the monuments and be inspired by the famous Bulgarian monasteries; to call in Balchik and Varna. And don't forget to pay a visit to the Valley of roses, to enjoy the scents and beauty of flowers! This flower is everywhere. You can buy a whole kit of cosmetics with rose extract and bring them as gift to relatives and friends. By the way prices on a variety of Souvenirs and traditional gifts on the Shore are quite reasonable and without a strong markups.
Hotels in Bulgaria Sunny Beach are of different categories from two to five stars. Here you can find a room for people with any budget. The on-site hotels often have swimming pool, bar and restaurant. The staff is always polite. The Bulgarians are very devoted to the tourism sector, so do everything you can to make Your stay comfortable and enjoyable.
Holidays in Sunny beach is suitable for families with noisy young people, couples. The resort is almost universal. Everyone will be able to truly relax and receive positive emotions, to make a lot of beautiful pictures and bring home beautiful Souvenirs.

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