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The old town hall in Bamberg

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The old town hall in Bamberg

Place description

Old town hall (it. Altes Rathaus) — the medieval town hall in the Episcopal city of Bamberg.

Town hall first mentioned in 1386, in the XV century it was built mainly in Gothic style. According to the project of Johann Jacob Michel of Kuchela in 1744-1756 gg structure was augmented by elements of the Baroque and Rococo, by adopting a modern look. In the town hall was to house the Museum, which houses a rich collection of porcelain, donated to the Bamberg known philanthropists Irene and Peter Ludigames.

Town hall, unique in its kind. It was built on an artificial island on the Regnitz river. In the middle Ages the river the territory was divided into urban and bishops ' lands; for a long time there were disputes on whose possessions to build a town hall. The creation of artificial Islands and buildings on it became the compromise solution.

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