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Sydney Opera house (eng. The Sydney Opera House) — musical theatre in Sydney, one of the most famous and recognizable buildings in the world, is a symbol of Australia's biggest city and one of the main attractions of the continent — persoalannya shell forming the roof make this building unlike any other in the world. Opera is recognized as one of the greatest works of modern architecture in the world and since 1973 is alongside the harbour bridge, the landmark of Sydney. Since 28 June 2007, the theatre is under UNESCO protection as a world heritage site[1].

Sydney Opera house was opened October 20, 1973 Queen of England Elizabeth II.

Sydney Opera house is in Sydney harbour on Bennelong point. This place got its name by the name of the Australian aborigine, who was a friend of the first Governor of the colony. Until 1958 on the site of the theater there was a tram depot, and before that — a Fort.

The architect of the Opera house is the Dane Jorn Utzon, who for the project received the Pritzker prize in 2003.

Despite applied the concept of spherical shells to solve all problems of construction and well suitable for mass production, precise manufacturing and ease of installation, the construction was delayed, mainly due to interior decoration. It was planned that the construction of the theater will take four years and cost seven million Australian dollars. However, the Opera was built fourteen years and cost $ 102 million.