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Tbilisi Botanical garden

Georgia  Georgia

Tbilisi Botanical garden

Place description

Tbilisi Botanical garden – large floral center of Georgia, located in the gorge Caucasicola. Collection of vegetable wonders this place has been known since 1671. Currently, the Botanical garden covers an area of 161 hectares, and in his collection there are 4.5 thousand species. Here are the most complete local Caucasian plants: in the alleys of the garden you can see fir, pine, cypress, cotoneaster, cedar, Jasmine, hawthorn, honeysuckle, barberry, palm trees. Also there are representatives of the world's flora, in particular ornamental and fruit plants.

Tbilisi Botanical garden is famous for its beautiful landscapes, historical and architectural attractions. The entrance is located near the ruins of the Narikala fortress, and the territory of the garden is particularly attractive is the river Caucasicola, which in some places is cut by high waterfalls. Here, through a gorge spanned by three bridges, the most picturesque of which is recognized as arch.


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