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Trakai – a small cozy town in Lithuania. Located 27 kilometres West of Vilnius. In the surroundings of Trakai, there are 200 lakes, so it is called the "city on water". It is surrounded by lakes, Totoriskiu, Lukos (Bernardino), Akmena, galvė, Gilušis. Lake Galve, which huddle 21 island, has a depth of 46.7 meters and is the deepest in the area.

The city and its surroundings began to take shape in the XIII century. According to the chronicle, after a great hunt the great Lithuanian Duke Gediminas managed to find scenic places near kernavė, the former capital of the state, and decided to build a castle. Thus was born a new capital fortress – the Old Trakai (at that time was called Trakai). Trakai was first mentioned in 1337 Chronicles in German. This year is considered the official date of birth of the city. When Duke Gediminas moved to Vilnius, Old Trakai was given to his son the Duke Kestutis. In 1350 there was born Vytautas the Great was one of the greatest masters. During the reign of Prince Kestutis here's a quick build castles on paludosa lakes Galve and Lukos, another one – on the island of lake Galve. Near the castles gradually formed the town.

Trakai is known for the fact that it is designed and decorated with people of different nationalities. Live in Trakai Karaites, Tartars, Russians, Lithuanians, poles.

In the beginning of XI century by Prince Vytautas the city was granted Magdeburg law. In the XVI century Trakai has lost its economic and political significance. During the war with Russia in the XVII century, the town died in the fires, and the locks were destroyed. However, in the second half of the XX century the Island castle was restored and in 1962 in the building serves as a historical Museum.

In Trakai there is a large number of architectural, historical and cultural monuments. Undoubtedly, the most famous of these is the castle on the island of lake Galve. In Eastern Europe, this fortress – the only one on the water. The castle was built as a defensive fortress. Island castle is one of the most visited historical-architectural monuments of Lithuania.

Another castle, on the Peninsula, is one of the biggest castles in Lithuania. Was built in the XIV century during the reign of Prince Kestutis. Occupied an area of 4 hectares and has 11 towers. On the mountain of sacrifice, which was in the territory of the peninsular castle was a wooden castle. In 1655 the castle was destroyed. Currently, you can see the ruins of defensive walls and several defensive towers. Here you can see the Dominican monastery, built in the XVIII century. Currently it houses the administration of Trakai history Museum.

Worth to see the ancient Church of the Phenomena of the blessed virgin Mary. This is the first parish Church, which was built in 1409. During the wars and fires it suffered. Rebuilt in 1717. In the main altar you can see the icon of the Holy virgin Mary with the Baby.

Hour pillar of St. John Nepomuk (XVIII century) is located at the intersection of Vytauto and Kara. Local residents believe that the Holy protector of the lakes. Also in town you can see houses of the Karaites of the XIX - XX centuries, their ethnographic exhibition and Kenessa (religious building).

It will be interesting to visit the area, Wiatrak, which is mentioned in historical documents from the XIV century. Here is the Vaala estate and the surrounding the largest and most unusual Park in Lithuania.

In the village of Old Trakai there is a Church and monastery and the ancient settlement.

Trakai – picturesque cozy place, rich in historical, architectural and cultural monuments.

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