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Andorra (cat. Andorra, Spanish Andorra, FR. Andorre), full official form — the Principality of Andorra (cat. Principat d'andorra, Spanish Principado de Andorra, FR. Principauté d Andorre), is one of the dwarf States of Europe, landlocked, the Principality located in the Eastern Pyrenees between France and Spain, as well as associated with them. The name of the country comes from bask. andurrial — "wasteland".

Andorra is not only high-quality ski resorts and the best shopping tax-free, but also plenty of museums, attractions, and recreation in the style of "complete relaxation". And next door to Spain and France.

The ski area of Vallnord (Vallnord), located in the Andorran Pyrenees, and joins the two skiing sectors: PAL-Arinsal (Pal-Arinsal) and Ordino-Arcalis (Ordino-Arcalis).

Andorra, "almost Spain the ski slope", even though not even has its own international airport, gathers regularly every winter a good crop of vigorous, frozen by the frost of tourists-skiers. The recipe of popularity of the winter Andorra is as simple as a sled. A variety of trails that are constantly maintained and not deprived of lifts. Quality of service no worse than "average.... that is in Europe" is two. And prices below the European is a fatty three. And, I almost forgot, an added bonus: great shopping (whole country — the duty-free area): for every indigenous inhabitant of this small country accounts for more than one store. Many tourists come here lightly and returned, "Packed" the latest ski equipment purchased at a very reasonable price.

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