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Carved in salt is a great camera, amazing underground lakes, majestic construction - the work of carpenters, and unique salt sculptures. About 3 kilometres of meandering corridors, 800 steps that need to be overcome, and the convergence to a depth of 135 metres under the ground. Surprising that to date the beauty of the Tourist route, the main route of the Salt mine "Wieliczka", admired already 41.5 million adventurous travelers from around the world.

And it begins in the barrel Danilovich. Here the tourists get acquainted with your guide, who during the trip will tell them about the history and secrets of the Mine. About the forces of nature that control it, and labor Paphos velicescu many generations of miners. Descending lower and lower, tourists will visit extraordinary places where the salt rock has succumbed to the power of human hands. They will see a wonderful mining machines and tools.

They will discover the other side of the mine. The legend of Princess Kinga, who brought a wealth of salt on Polish soil. Half way through they will see dedicated to her beautiful chapel decorated with one of a kind salt masterpieces. Think about it, hearing the song of Frederic Chopin voicing light show on the shore of the brine lakes. A when the tourists try at the end of the specialities of the underground tavern, I'll have the strength to travel the route of the "Museum of the Cracow GOP". Then they see the framed in silver, the conch tour 1534 – horn of the brotherhood of diggers. They are waiting for an unforgettable meeting with history, they will see the ancient tools and mining equipment. Additional route is a 1.5-kilometer journey through time that will crown the departure of the surface in the cage.

As they say on Mine - the light.

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