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Vilnius, despite its rich history, looks very young city. Now the capital of one of the member States of the European Union, Lithuania, Vilnius has experienced many events that changed the face of Europe, but, despite this, was able to save his own, nothing on a similar atmosphere.

The city is at the confluence of the rivers Neris and Vilnia, in the high mountains. The highest point of the city — Gediminas hill (48 m). On this hill is the main attraction of Vilnius — the High castle. The city is very cosy and compact and most of its attractions can be explored on foot.

The climate of Vilnius is temperate continental, what distinguishes this city from the other two capitals of the Baltic States, located on the coast of the Baltic sea. In summer the average temperature in the capital of Lithuania is established at the level of approximately +21°C, and rarely rise much above this level. In winter the temperature drops to an average of -10°C, which is also quite comfortable for residents and guests to see Vilnius in winter months.

Vilnius – the city is compact and densely populated. It is home to just over 500 thousand people that makes the city so attractive for tourists from big cities of neighboring States. If you touch the subject around the city, it is likely that if you prefer public transport, you have to use bus or trolley. By the way, in Vilnius there are no trams, whose role in this city nearly a century ago performed Conca. In modern Vilnius, because of the difficult terrain this romantic mode of transport was not. No place and familiar to many underground, for the obvious reason – the city does not need it. But in the dynamic city has a bike rental network, which will appeal to many.

Perhaps the youth fill the city's numerous parks, gardens and green spaces that are here can be found everywhere. Enough to walk up through the parks, is to decide where to stay for the night. To the delight of guests, the hotel business here is at a high level, and there is a wide choice of hotels in different price categories, in different parts of the city. Wherever you stopped, the local service must like you. Here everything is made for a comfortable stay.

Historically, the city almost throughout its existence was multinational. To this day, it is home to a significant percentage of poles, Belarusians and Russian, which makes it easy to integrate into the local society.

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