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The resort is located 60 km South-West of Odessa on picturesque sandy spit between the Black sea, Dniester estuary and salt lakes. This sandy strip stretched on two ten of kilometers, always was considered as an elite place of rest: open space, the warm sea, vibrant the sun, microclimate of the estuary absorbing, apparently, all smells of southern steppe. Throughout a spit — wonderful beaches in width more than 100 meters with clean fine sand.
Beach: the resort, wide sandy strip. Sloping the bottom of the sea creates ideal conditions for swimming.
The holiday season lasts from mid-may to mid-September. The average daytime summer temperature of 24-28 degrees, and water up to 19-23 degrees.
Climate. Invaluable natural gift — a fertile climate. Zatoka is one of the warmest areas of the black sea. Frost-free period lasts over 200 days. As the Crimea, the resort Zatoka is one of the most warm lands of Ukraine. With the abundance of Sunny days and high summer temperatures in the Gulf are very high evaporation.
Entertainment. Pensions, recreation facilities different levels of service and comfort, the private sector (houses, villas), leisure on any taste and demand, cafes, restaurants, plenty of fruit, water from artesian springs will make Your holiday truly memorable for many years. And what about those who are not among the lovers spend hours basking on the sun? For them in Zatoka provide skating on boats, ships, parachutes, water slides, tennis courts, water motorcycles, bicycles, libraries, cinemas. Well, when evening comes, You wait for night clubs, billiard halls, restaurants, located right on the beach. True connoisseurs of southern cuisine amuse your soul with this double fish soup and the Bessarabian dishes, cooked in a real peasant of the furnace. The abundance of vegetables, fruits, herbs, fish gives you the opportunity to diversify the food, to satisfy the individual needs of tourists, and to fully recover and Deposit Your body vitamin a reserves, are available in abundance on five markets of the resort.
History and Excursions. The name Kosa has received from the initial connection is with the name of the Polish Countess Caroline Sobanskaya (nee Rzewuski), sister-in-law of Honore de Balzac and a close friend of A. S. Pushkin. Referred by the tsarist government as unreliable in this region, Carolina Sobanskaya owned land on the spit. Zatoka village founded in the years 1909-12. Zatoka translated from Ukrainian — "the Bay".
Excursions for every taste: Odessa, Shabo wine tasting, water Park, Dolphinarium; in Belgorod-Dnestrovsk (15 km from Zatoka): the medieval fortress, the Church of 14-17 centuries, the regional Museum, the excavations of ancient settlements of the Scythians, Greeks and Genoese. etc.); in Vilkovo — "Ukrainian Venice".
Clean sea, well-kept sandy beach, attentive staff will create You all conditions for unforgettable rest.
Come to Zatoka, feel like real children of the sea, feel its caress, listen to his whisper. Black sea, like a living creature, not even gonna talk to You, especially if You come to him by night, tell him about your secrets and passions - and, rest assured, the sea will certainly fulfill Your deepest desires.
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