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Iron port

Ukraine  Ukraine

Iron port

Place description

The picturesque resort town on the Black sea, where steppe and sea air creates the perfect climatic conditions for rest and recovery. Sandy beaches (2.5 km), clean warm sea, an abundance of cheap fruit, wine tasting, various water rides and entertainment – all this attracts tourists to the village of Iron Port.
Amazing area, remote from the industrial centers and big cities more than 100 km West of the village is located the black sea reserve, to the East – the longest resort area. Beach composition sand, the slope of the underwater and coastal area can compete with the best beaches of the Crimea. The sea impresses with its pristine and azure.
Another natural asset of the resort is a hot geyser with a temperature of 65-70°C, which rises from the bowels of the earth to a depth of 1572 m. Especially for tourists on the surface is removed a few baths in the warm waters of the geyser.
Beach: the resort, wide sandy strip, with a moderate sloping bottom, the open sea.
Bars, restaurants, food and industrial shops, Markets, post office, police, bus station, discos, waterslides, amusement Park, Ferris wheel with a gorgeous view of the sea, sports clubs etc.
Parasailing - a parachute tied to a speedboat.
You can scuba dive and enjoy the views of colorful inhabitants of the seabed. Rental places you can rent water jet ski, catamaran.
- Black sea reserve "tendrov spit",
hot spring source of hot bromo-iodine thermal water,
- the island Dzharylgach,
- biosphere reserve "Askania-Nova",
- city tour of Kherson with a visit to St. Catherine's Cathedral,
- guided tour of the kinburnsky spit,
- by boat or barge at the mouth of the Dnieper river Seagull, Conca etc.
If during your stay was a storm not too lazy to get up early in the morning and walk on the beach, gazing at his feet - after the storm, the sea washes ashore in large shells shellfish. This is one of the best Souvenirs You can bring home and the long winter evenings, putting the varnished shell to your ear, listen to the sound of the sea, reviving in memory the summer and your vacation.

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