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Минск, Bus
Expired dates, to 10 days
1 people
Hotel: Fortuna 3*
Accommodation types: DBL (двухместный номер)
Types of Food: BB (завтраки)

Arrival Dates

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Tour programm on 10 days

1 Day

Departure from Minsk in the morning.
Departure through the Lithuanian border to Poland.
Accommodation at the hotel.

Day 2

Departure to Austria.
Arrival in Vienna, where you will find a fascinating excursion.

Vienna is a wonderful city, which combines Imperial architecture with ultra-modern buildings. This combination makes an indelible impression on the tourists visiting Vienna for the first time. The richness of the cultural heritage of the city, as well an incredible number of museums (86 – more than in any other city in the world). As well, Vienna was and remains a world-renowned centre of music at different times in Vienna, lived and musical geniuses of their eras: Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Schubert, Haydn. It's interesting to see that, despite the fact that for several centuries Vienna was the capital of the largest state that existed in Europe is not covered with the dust of centuries in a Museum. Now Vienna is an open and democratic metropolis, which is considered also one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the world.
Free time for walking, shopping and dinner at one of the cozy restaurants of the city.
Night trip to Italy.

Day 3

On arrival in Italy we will visit one of the Italian city Tivoli (entrance tickets to the villas not included).

During the tour You will learn about life in different eras, each of which are totally unique. The city's main attractions is the ancient Roman Hadrian's Villa rebuilt in 117 ad, he ruled the Roman Empire in the twilight of his life. The Villa consisted of about thirty buildings scattered throughout the area of one square kilometer. It is known that the Emperor gave them names in honor of those cities of the Empire, in which he visited. Hence there are some of the most famous antique statues: the discus thrower, the Diana of Versailles, the Capitoline Antinous, Capitoline Centaurs, etc.

Villa d'este is one of the most famous Italian villas of the XVI century. The Villa complex includes the Palace and the adjoining garden.

As well as to the attractions of the city include the castle of Pope Pius II and the famous Villa d'este.
The city is also famous for its mineral springs. The thermal waters of Tivoli are used in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system, skin diseases, arthritis and rheumatism, and the locals sparkling water comes right out of the faucet, what the Italian state does not prevent.
Next, depart to hotel in the suburbs of Rome.
Rest. Overnight at hotel

Day 4


A tour to Rome and the Vatican. The entrance to the city is by public transport (tickets cost ~3 euros ) (entrance fees and public transport is paid additionally).

Rome – capital of Italy and one of the most visited cities in Europe.Rome - the main political, cultural and significant economic center of the country, one of the oldest and richest historical and cultural monuments of the cities of the world.

The Vatican is a city-Museum under the open sky, located near the capital city of Italy – Rome, its area is only 0.44 sq km. the State consists of only one city, it was created by the Lutheran agreements between the Roman Catholic Church and the Italian state on February 11, 1929. The Vatican is located the residence of each of the existing popes, interior and exterior which deserves special attention and admiration. The Vatican is a city-Museum under the open sky, where literally every meter has a masterpiece attractions.

Later return to the hotel.

Overnight at the hotel.

Day 5


Free day or optional, excursion to Naples and Pompeii (extra charge 50 euros + entrance fees).

These two cities are in the South of Italy at the foot of the volcano mount Vesuvius. Familiarity with these cities we will start from the third largest city of Italy - Naples. Naples was founded by Greek settlers in the VIII century BC under the name of Partenope (named after the mythical sirens). The first thing that we see in Naples is the Piazza del Plebiscite where is the Royal Palace and the Church of San Francesco di Paola, Teatro di San Carlo and the famous Galleria Umberto, the Basilica of St. Francis di Paolo, the castle Sant'elmo, the monastery of San Martino, the fountain of Neptune, monument to Victor Emmanuel II. Due to its abundance of historical sites, the city is often called the Museum under the open sky.

After visiting Naples, we will go to Pompeii (entrance charged extra). Vesuvius woke up and fell asleep my ashes not only Pompeii, but also some of the nearby towns and villages. This dead city still continues to capture the attention of the living. It is a real city in which no one resident. For Italy, Pompeii is not just an ancient landmark, and historic value.

What is left of this city, allows you to imagine how they lived in those early Imperial period, as well as to feel the panic that gripped people in the last moments before the city was so ruthlessly buried by lava and ash. During a city tour you will see the Forum is one of the main attractions of the city, Sea gate, Temple of Apollo, Temple of Vespasian, Macellum, the Antiquarium, the Temple of Jupiter, the Baths, the Temple of Fortune August, the House of the Faun, thermopolia, the house of Vettii, Grand theatre, the barracks of the gladiators and more.

Return to the hotel.

Overnight at the hotel.

Day 6

Breakfast. The release numbers.
Excursion to Tuscany, where we will visit Siena and San Gimignano.

Tuscany is one of the most picturesque regions of Italy, contact with which will leave in your memory unforgettable impressions and desire to return there more than once. Tuscany is extraordinarily rich history,world famous monuments, masterpieces of art, the magic, the unique beauty of the landscapes and medieval towns .It is a place filled with tranquility and peace where the eyes caress the hills, running away into the distance symmetrical rows of vineyards, olive groves, endless sandy beaches and the azure waters of the Tyrrhenian sea.

Culinary traditions extend much further than the "business card" of the region — the world famous olive oil and wine Chianti. Tuscan cuisine — a vivid expression of healthy food, known and appreciated all over the world. She has no less fans than the famous Italian Opera and painting.Due to the cultural heritage, mild climate and charming landscape of Tuscany is a favorite destination of the travel and leisure of the sea.

Siena — centre of the province of Tuscany and one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, has retained in its narrow streets of the medieval spirit. Most of the buildings of Siena belongs to the XII-XIV centuries the Main square of Siena is Piazza del Campo (piazza del Campo), which is graceful and elegant Palace Pubblico, now here is the city Museum, the sights include the Palazzo Comunale , a spectacular tower (Torre del Mangia), marble chapel, a fountain "the Source of Joy" .

San Gimignano is one of the most beautiful and visited cities of Tuscany. Unique architecture, fantastic landscapes, medieval town, wonderfully preserved its appearance to the present day. The main attraction of the city is the city walls and fourteen stone towers — "skyscrapers of the middle ages", built by the noblest families, who wanted to emphasize their social position.

Accommodation at the hotel.
Overnight at the hotel.

Day 7

Continued exploring the region of Tuscany.

Excursion to Florence. The entrance to the city is by public transport (tickets cost ~5 Euro).
Florence is one of the most beautiful cities of Italy and the "cultural capital of Europe".

"Venus" by Botticelli, "David" by Michelangelo and countless Renaissance palaces — here is the business card of Florence. Florence is guaranteed to bring fun to life, and may even become a chance to start a spiritual "revival"

Visiting it, you will plunge into a whirlpool of art and artifacts. This city is like a huge theatrical scenery, which was built many centuries ago and never bother to disassemble. In a small space this city there are so many unique works of art like nowhere else in the world. Here we make a step so as not to stretch the eyes in another monument with its history.

Then, if desired, we will go to Pisa (extra charge 15€).

Pisa is a small city in Italy, in the plain between mount Pisano and the Ligurian sea. Its population is about 100,000 inhabitants. The town's name comes from the Latin word "re", which means "river mouth". The city is famous architectural ensemble, the highlight of which is one of the business cards of Italy – the Leaning tower. This architectural wonder every year come to admire the thousands of tourists from all over the world.In addition to the famous bell tower, Pisa and other interesting architectural masterpieces. Cathedral ensemble Square of Miracles (Piazza dei Miracoli) has no equal in the world. Three buildings of sparkling white marble located in the centre of the city, emerald-green, perfectly manicured meadow. In the center stands the Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore, famous for its size; in the West it is a beautiful baptistery, the Duomo di Pisa with the winged lion on the roof.

Return to the hotel.
Overnight at the hotel.

Day 8

Breakfast. The release numbers.
Departure to Venice, guided tour (Boat to Venice is € 15, entrance fee 5 Euro).

Venice is a city in Northern Italy built on water, rather than on 118 Islands connected by 400 bridges. This city can be called city-Museum.

Here at every step located the architectural masterpieces of the past centuries, monuments and other sights. For example, the famous bridges "the Golden bridge", "Bridge of sighs" and "Bridge Change", the building of the Old and New Procuratie, the Palace Venir de Leoni, Palazzo Ducale, library, clock Tower, the Campanile bell tower with an observation deck, a Grand complex of the Arsenal, the Cathedral of Santa Maria della Salute, Basilica dei Frari, shopping street Merceria. Most Venetian streets-channels so narrow that the wall opposite the houses can easily stretch your hands, while the buildings themselves reach a height of 7 floors.

Free time.
Departure to Poland.
Night crossing.

Day 9

Arrival in Poland.
Accommodation at the hotel.

Day 10

Departure to Minsk.
Arrival late in the evening/night.

The cost of the trip includes:

Support throughout the trip
Accommodation in hotels *** - 7 nights with Breakfast (double rooms)

Tour package 79 €:

Tour of Vienna.
Tour of Tivoli.
A tour to Rome and the Vatican.
A tour in Tuscany, Siena, San Gimignano.
Excursion to Florence.
Excursion to Venice.

Additional charge:

Excursion to Naples and Pompei – 50 € + entrance fees
Excursion to Pisa – 15 €
Entry fee in Venice - 5 €
The ship in Venice - 15 €
Tour headphones

Entrance tickets to visited sites and public transport are charged extra:

Tivoli Villa d'este – ~11-12 € (children under 18 years a visit to the villas for free)
Pompeii – 13 €/adult, 7,5 € for children.
The public transport tickets for entry to Florence ~ 5 €
Tickets for public transport for entry into Rome ~ 3 €

If you are traveling one - single Supplement – 125 € (at the exchange rate of NB)

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