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Вильнюс, Aircraft
17.10.2020, to 8 days
1 people
Hotel: Armon Yam 3*
Accommodation types: DBL (двухместный номер)
Types of Food: BB (завтраки)

Arrival Dates

  • 1 097 USD
  • 1 097 USD

The price includes

The cost of the PROGRAM INCLUDES: accommodation in 3* hotel, (Breakfast)-Breakfast buffet, tour bus service with English speaking guide throughout the program

Flights from Vilnius.

The tour price is not included


tickets for the objects
Entrance fees and additional costs:

Boat trip + lunch 32$
The center of Kabbalah in Safed, the entrance is 15 NIS (4$)
Caesarea (entrance to the archaeological part) 49 NIS (13$)
Akko (acre underground - tunnels) 36 NIS (10$)
Masada (entrance + cable car) 57 NIS ( 16$)
Qumran 21 NIS (6$)
The entrance to the arch. Park Herodion - a group of 21 NIS.=$ 6
House of Caiaphas-the entrance is 1.5 dollars.
Commemorative shirt for washing and baptism of tourists in the Holy Jordan river, $ 12.
10. Payment for bus Parking, where you need it in Israel.

11. Tips for guide and driver


Armen Yam hotel 3* is located in 27 km from airport. Ben Gurion, 356 km from Eilat, 15-20 minutes drive from the centre of tel Aviv. The municipal beach, sand, 100 m from the hotel;

Internet, Wi-Fi, Free Wi-Fi

Tour programm on 8 days

25.04– Departure from Vilnius 6.10
25.04– Departure from Vilnius 6.10 arrival at the airport Ben Gurion at 10:05. Meeting with the guide.

Departure for Jerusalem. The observation deck on Jerusalem and the surrounding area. Bethlehem, Church of the Nativity, the Visit of the mount of olives, garden of Gethsemane-the place of the last prayer of Christ, the tomb of the virgin, the Miraculous icon of the Jerusalem mother of God.


Bethlehem, in Palestine, South of Jerusalem. According to the Bible, the birthplace of king David and birthplace of Jesus Christ. In ancient times the city was the starting point for travelers. From here they began their journey to Egypt. The name BETHLEHEM explained in different ways. Church Slavic; Hebrew BeitLehem which means "House of Bread", or translated from the modern Arabic "House of Meat". From ancient times to the name "Bethlehem" added "Jewish" or "Ephrata", to distinguish it from another Bethlehem in Galilee. In the Bible the city is called "Bethlehem – Efrat".

The Church Of The Nativity

The only attraction of Bethlehem was and remains the Church of the Nativity. In the fourth century Empress Helena found the cave and decided that this is where Jesus Christ was born. Above the cave she built the temple. Every year this place is visited by millions of pilgrims. The treasured purpose — to touch the silver Shrine, the birthplace of the Savior.

The mount of olives

Mount of olives is located in the Eastern part of Jerusalem, for kedrinskii valley. From its summit, with a height of about 100 meters, offers a magnificent view of the Old town, a breathtaking panorama of the Judean hills to the Dead sea and the Moab mountains to the East. The mount of olives worship and the Jews and the Christians. Here are buried the prophets Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi. This place is associated with important moments in the life of Jesus Christ. Here He ascended into

the sky foretold the destruction of Jerusalem and taught his disciples. He came here often to pray, and perhaps slept here under the trees or in caves, when to stay in Jerusalem was dangerous.

The garden of Gethsemane. The Church of all Nations.

On the Western slope of the mount of olives lies the garden of Gethsemane. Until survived only a part of the garden of biblical times, but still blooming eight olive trees planted back in the first century ad, Jesus came Here the night before the crucifixion, he experienced the bitterness of betrayal and was arrested. On the spot where, according to legend, Judas betrayed Christ, in the V century Basilica was built. In 1919-1924 was built a modern Church of All Nations. Inside the Church the ceiling is painted domes 12, the arms 12 countries, donated money for its construction. On the walls of the mosaic picture "the prayer of Gethsemane", "the Legend of the Savior" and "the Taking of Christ into custody". On the floor before the altar – crown of thorns encircling the rock on which Jesus prayed. Blue create stained glass Windows inside the Church of twilight, which symbolizes the last night of the earthly Jesus.

Church Of The Holy Sepulchre

The Shrine of the Christian religion – the Church of the Holy Sepulchre – built on the spot where, according to legend, was crucified, buried and then resurrected Jesus Christ. First Church of the Holy Sepulchre here, built in 335 ad and later it was destroyed several times, rebuilt, suffered from fire, was rebuilt and expanded. In 1808 happened a huge fire, after which the temple in 1810, was rebuilt in the form which still exists today.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre is divided between the six denominations of the Christian Church: Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Armenian, Coptic, Syrian and Ethiopian, each of which is highlighted in their own sections and hours for prayers.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre can be described as the memorial of Christ, where everything somehow or other connected with his name.

Church Of The Assumption Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

The first Church on this spot was erected in the V century There is a tradition that an even earlier St. Helena was built a Basilica. In 614, the Church was destroyed, but the tomb of the mother of God preserved to this day. Most of the modern building dates back to the times of the crusaders. It is a temple on earth, which are 50 stages, with the chapels of St. Bogoushevich and Anna and Joseph, located on each side of the stairs. The temple has a cruciform shape in the centre we see the tomb of the virgin with two entrances, and at the end of the cave is an ancient altar. In a stone Shrine to worship the miraculous icon of the Jerusalem mother of God. This temple belongs to the Greek and Armenian denominations. It was here, according to tradition, before the feast of the assumption of little Gethsemane, near the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Orthodox procession carrying the Shroud of the blessed virgin Mary in the same way, to whom, in ancient times, the apostles carried for burial the body of the Mother of God. Tradition also says that the apostles wanted to bury a virgin, but she woke up and ascended, so the grave is empty.

Moving to bat Yam.

The population of the group to the hotel.

Dinner (optional, at an additional cost (smorgasbord))

Free time on the Mediterranean coast. Overnight.

Day 2nd 26.04 - 06:30 Breakfast. Gathering the group in hotel lobby at 07:30
Day 2nd 26.04 - 06:30 Breakfast. Gathering the group in hotel lobby at 07:30

Departure for a tour. Sightseeing tour of Haifa. Visit the religious complex of the Bahai-the Bahai Gardens. The complex included in the UNESCO world heritage list. Tour of Akko-the capital of the medieval Crusader Kingdom, acre underground rooms and tunnels of the crusaders. Visit the National Park of Caesarea, an ancient port city founded by Herod the Great, the Ancient Hippodrome, theatre and temples.

Bahai gardens: the terraces leading to the Haifa Bay

Majestic Bahai gardens, located on the slope of mount Carmel in Haifa, reminiscent of the biblical hanging gardens. Man-made green area in the North of Israel is divided into nineteen terraces cascading to the coast of Haifa Bay. The kilometer-long terraces with a width of from 60 to 400 metres leads to the main architectural character of the place - the gold-domed temple is crowned with a 40-foot dome.

Scenic garden-Park ensemble, a symbol of religious doctrine, the Bahai, the essence of which boils down to finding pure love, order and harmony. The gardens are also a place of pilgrimage for followers of the current. Made in the Persian style terraces and flower beds, paths and lawns, as well as any plant of the Park area represent the critical life stages of bahá'u'lláh, founder and prophet of the Baha'i faith.

The Bahai Temple

The Bahai temple, surrounded by the Persian garden is a unique architectural complex of striking beauty and grandeur. Its gilded dome is visible from afar, it is desired by Baha'is from all over the world to pray at the grave of Mirza Ali Mohammed — the founder of the Baha'i religion, whose remains were moved to Haifa and buried under the dome of the temple.


Akko in Israel – an ancient town with 4000 years of history, included in the UNESCO world Heritage list. Its a relatively small area-a small number of unique monuments of history.


The port city of the Roman-Byzantine era, unearthed in 50-e years of the present century, was built by Herod the Great on the earth, given to him by the Roman Caesar Augustus. In honor of the Emperor and was named "Caesarea". In the Roman period became the main city of Judah, and the residence of the Roman procurators, including Pontius Pilate (plate with his name was discovered during excavations). All kinds of entertainment created by Greco-Roman culture — the Hippodrome, istation, teatron, amfiteatron, baths and lampiony — was present in Caesarea. Wide streets, decorated with colonnades and sculptures of the pagan temples, aqueducts, ports and office buildings with stunning mosaic floors are opened during the excavation, and continuing today.

Well-preserved ROMAN THEATRE in the 60-ies it was restored and is used for evening concerts and Opera performances, and the BYZANTINE STREET on which sit two marble sculptures in the evenings is illuminated with colored lights.

A city built by the crusaders in the 12-13 centuries in Caesarea the place of Herod, is a fortress surrounded by a moat and massive walls with secret passages and watchtowers/

The trip to Caesarea is not only a journey in the early middle ages and the time of Herod. This and visits to Holy places for Christians — because from here began the movement of Christianity in Europe, it was visited by the apostles Peter and Paul, there was discovered "the Holy Grail", from which, according to tradition, Jesus drank during the last Supper. Caesarea is a beautiful place with cafes

and restaurants, beaches and scuba diving, with evening concerts and romantic walks on the illuminated lights of the antiquities!

Return to the hotel. Dinner.(optional, at an additional cost (smorgasbord))

Free time on the Mediterranean coast.

Day 3rd 27.04.2020
27.04.2020 Breakfast. Group gathering in the hotel lobby. Departure for a tour.

Visit the National Park Kurman Hebrew settlement of the Yahad community, which existed from the 2nd century BC to 1st century BC.. visit the National Park of Masada.


The place where was made the most important archaeological find of humanity, the so-called Dead sea Scrolls or the Qumran manuscripts, located in the Northern part of the West coast of the Dead sea.

Here today the archaeological Park where you can see excavations of the Central complex of Qumran, the water system and the caves where they were hiding the famous manuscript. Here show a movie about Qumran in different languages, in the center there are gift shops, a cafeteria and a restaurant. Here every day come hundreds and hundreds of tourists to see the place where was made this unique discovery, is unique not only in itself, but also the story of its making. The buildings are distinct traces of repair the period when they were in use. Further South, the stock of provisions and tools.

From the excavation site visible so-called "fourth cave", where they have found more manuscripts in the history who played such an important role that even the storage of these manuscripts is unique — a special building at the Israel Museum — Shrine of the Book — constructed in such a way that in case of danger, can immediately be omitted together with all contents in the concrete pit to a depth of forty meters. No more values are stored.

Essential manuscripts from the Dead Sea not only in confirming the authenticity of the texts of the old Testament, what is doubted by many scholars until the discoveries of the Qumran scrolls, but also of the importance of understanding the origin of many Christian ideas and texts, the book "the Apocalypse" and others, as well as the amazing foresight of the Essenes, prabhadevi the destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem and the fact that their manuscripts will be found in 2 thousand years, when again will arise in this land a Jewish state.

The Mountain Of Masada

Mount Masada fortress on its top located near the Dead sea. Fortress has reached a special peak in the years when it was occupied by the king Herod fled from Jerusalem. In the period of his reign was built a magnificent Palace, fortified city walls, upgraded water supply system. Also found were the ruins of an ancient synagogue. In 73 ad, Masada was surrounded by the Romans. The defenders of the fortress realized that they can not long withstand the onslaught of the enemy, and was made a terrible decision. Among the soldiers were a selected ten men, who slit the throat of all the inhabitants of the fortress. After, from their number, by lot, was chosen one warrior that killed all the others, and then committed suicide. Breaking into the fortress, the Romans saw the virtually untouched stocks of food and water, weapons... and dead defenders and inhabitants.

Masada doesn't crash anymore - so ends the oath soldiers of the Israeli Arm

Return to the hotel. Dinner.(optional, at an additional cost (smorgasbord))

Free time on the Mediterranean coast.

Day 4th 28.04.20 - 06:30 Breakfast. Gathering the group in hotel lobby at 07:30
Day 4th 28.04.20 - 06:30 Breakfast. Gathering the group in hotel lobby at 07:30

Departure for a tour of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Modern, New and Old.

The government quarter, a walk in the quarters of the 19th century, Mahane Yehuda market Jude, old town. Voskresenia temple of the Lord, Christian, Armenian and Jewish quarters. The Western wall of the Jerusalem Temple (Wailing Wall).

The Wailing wall in Jerusalem — the main Shrine in Judaism and one of the most famous religious sights of Israel, which you can see not only a believer, but also to anyone.

The Wailing wall, or Kotel ha-maaravi (Western wall), is a part of the remaining supporting structures surrounding the temple mount, atop which stood the temple of Jerusalem. This is the segment of the wall, which was under the Holy of Holies of the First and Second temples. 60 m long, 22 m height of seven layers of enormous stone blocks rise above the prayer area, where today seek millions of pilgrims and tourists from all over the world. Many believe that the prayers and notes left between stones of the Western Wall, will not remain unanswered and the hope will be realized. The prophet Jeremiah predicted that the Temple would be destroyed, but the Western wall will remain for centuries. And for the Jewish people the Western Wall is a remembrance and supplications on the First and Second temples and dream of third Temple.

Return to the hotel. Dinner.(optional, at an additional cost (smorgasbord))

Free time on the Mediterranean coast.

Day 5th 29.04.2020 - 07:00 – 07:30 Breakfast. Group gathering in the hotel lobby.
Day 5th 29.04.2020 - 07:00 – 07:30 Breakfast. Group gathering in the hotel lobby.

Departure for a tour. A visit to the Herodion National Park - a man-made mountain, the place of Herod the Great. The Palace complex and a protective fortress. The monastery of St. Theodosius is the burial place of St. Efrosini Polotsk, which is revered patron and heavenly intercessor of the Belarusian land. Field of Shepherds - the place where the angel announced the Birth of Chrást. The monastery and Church in honour of the Cathedral of the blessed Borogoditsy.

Return to the hotel. Dinner(optional, at an additional cost (smorgasbord)).

Free time on the Mediterranean coast.

Day 6th 30.04.20 – 06:30 - Breakfast. Group gathering in the hotel lobby. Departure at 07:30
Day 6th 30.04.20 – 06:30 - Breakfast. Group gathering in the hotel lobby. Departure at 07:30

Departure for a tour in Galieo. Visit Nazareth, Church of Annunciation, Omowunmi in the Jordan river.Lunch with fish St. the Pen and walk on the sea of Galilee by boat.


The city where spent his childhood and youth of Jesus, where lived Joseph and Mary where the Archangel Gabriel announced the birth of the Messiah and where Jesus began his preaching activity. Modern Nazareth is home to about 70 thousand people, 20 thousand Jews in Upper Nazareth (Nazareth Elite), and 50 thousand Arabs in the Lower town (Christians and Muslims).

The most important Christian Shrine in Nazareth, the Church of the Annunciation.

The Church Of The Annunciation

Built by the Italian architect Giovanni Moochie Israeli firm Soleil bonnes in 1955-1969 years on the spot where stood the temple of the fourth century, built by Queen Helen. On the Foundation of the Byzantine period, the crusaders erected a temple, and the remains of these buildings and mosaics of the fourth century can be seen in the lower floor of the present temple. Here is the upper Room of Mary, where it is finished the mystery of incarnation. In the upper Room two granite columns, one in honor of the Archangel Gabriel, the other — in honor of Mary. In the upper floor of the temple, a huge prayer hall, where the organ and the altar mosaic, donated by Italy. It depicts Jesus and Peter, left the virgin with a crown on his head, as Christians consider her the Queen of the world. The walls of the hall the images of Jesus and Mary — the gifts of the Catholic communities in different countries. 60-metre-high dome resembles a rose, the stem of which reached toward heaven, and downward petals form the letter M — Mary.

Return to the hotel. Dinner(optional, at an additional cost (smorgasbord)).

Free time on the Mediterranean coast.

Day 7th 01.05.20 – 07:00 - Breakfast. Gathering the group in hotel lobby at 07:40
Day 7th 01.05.20 – 07:00 - Breakfast. Gathering the group in hotel lobby at 07:40

Tour tel Aviv and Jaffa. Walk through the neighborhoods of Neve Tzedek and Neve Shalom. Herzel street and the Boulevard Rodshilda., sarona district. Jaffa is an ancient city founded by the son of Noah.

Prohaska on the streets of the old centre of Jaffa. The bridge of desires, housing Desires, galleries and cafes.

Tel Aviv

On the Eastern coast of the Mediterranean sea is tel Aviv – surrounded by beaches, the city, which is little more than a century, the city, which combines high-rise blocks and narrow seaside streets.
Tel Aviv is rapidly developing in various areas (transport, Economics, trade) the city. It focused a large number of restaurants, hotels, business centers, foreign embassies and educational institutions. The city has museums and galleries and also interesting for its architecture, temples.
In tel Aviv many high-rise buildings, on the 49th floor of one of them is an observation deck – the real pride of the city! Rising to the penultimate floor of the skyscraper, the town offers magnificent views of tel Aviv – a truly spectacular sight. There is also a restaurant which offers variety of delicious dishes.
In tel Aviv many parks, one of which is the Yarkon Park – it hosts concerts with participation of stars of world size.

Ancient Jaffa

In ancient times, the main port city of Israel, now – the artistic and historical center of tel Aviv. Jaffa attracts huge number of tourists. The Jaffa's long history, during which he was repeatedly conquered and changed constantly. It is believed that this city was built Noah's ark, and Andromeda Perseus freed. Today, Jaffa is a popular place among tourists who love to leisurely stroll through its many streets, where there is an indescribable mysterious atmosphere. There are a lot of restaurants, markets, galleries, museums. There is also an underground Museum, which presents numerous objects found during archaeological excavations.
On the streets of Jaffa you can always see a lot of creative people, for example, the day is artists draw pictures, and in the evening musicians delight the ears of passersby with their songs.
Jaffa today is a real mix of ancient and modern, quiet area into a bustling tel Aviv.

Kikar a-Sass (Clock square) In the center of the square erected the Clock tower (Migdal and-Chaon), built in the early XX century in honor of the 25th anniversary of the coronation of the "bloody Sultan" Abdul Hamid II (1842 – 1918 g.), ruled the Ottoman (Ottoman) Empire from 1876 and deposed in 1909

Church. Peter in Jaffa in Jaffa, which is a cultural and tourist center of tel Aviv, is an ancient Shrine of the Catholic Church of St. Peter. It is said that this Church was visited by Napoleon on the way to Egypt.

The Church was built in the seventeenth century, and then several times destroyed and built anew. Today's Church was built in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, was last restored.
The present Church attracts attention with a bright orange facade and tall bell tower. The Church interior is rich and refined — the high ceilings and stained glass Windows depicting some of the Bible (for example, the Transfiguration of Jesus), and walls made of marble.
The Church is open every day, and every day there are services in multiple languages, including English, Spanish and Italian.

Return to the hotel. Dinner.(optional, at an additional cost (smorgasbord))

Free time on the Mediterranean coast.

Day 8th 02.05.20 – Early Breakfast.
Day 8th 02.05.20 – Early Breakfast.

07:30 – 08:00 – transfer to airport Ben-Gurian

11:00 - Departure

15.10 arrival in Vilnius

Price tour 1 097 USD to 8 days,  1 people Book tour

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