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Expired dates, to 7 days
1 people
Hotel: Not specified
Accommodation types: Not specified
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The price includes

√6 nights in transit hotels 2-3*
√4850 km by bus tourist class (air-conditioned * toilet for emergency situations video, one or two √monitor, reclining seats)
√6 continental Breakfast at the transit hotels
√1 lunch or dinner
√1 a picnic with typical products
√Professional guide.
√Experienced drivers
√Licensed guides in Vienna, Venice, Rome, Salzburg

The tour price is not included

√Visa fee – €60 (Schengen visa) + the visa application center services, medical insurance €5.
√Additional activities described in the program.
√Tickets to area museums and other attractions, travel on public transport in the cities visited, if necessary, as well as everything else not covered in the program.


√Compulsory city tax (introduced in 2012 in most European countries) – from £ 12 (payable to the guide on the route)
√Using the audio (headphone) during tour program – €20 (for the whole tour) – obligatory
* Trip to Krakow – €12 (children €6) optionally at least 80% of the group, but at least 30 people
√Visit the Treasury in Vienna with a guide – €20 (children €12), with a minimum group of 25 people
√Boat in Venice (obligatory fee) – €15
√Excursion to Padua – €15 (children €10) optionally at least 80% of the group, but at least 30 people
* Riding gondola along the canals of Venice – €20 (if you have a group of 6 people)
√Tour of the gallery of Ufizzi (Pitti) – €35 (children €27)with a guided tour through the halls with a minimum group of 25 people
√The Vatican museums is €16 admission ticket, €40(children €32) with a guided tour through the halls with a minimum group of 25 people
√Tour of St. Peter's Cathedral − €10 (children €5)
√Excursion to Verona – €20 (€10 children) optionally at least 80% of the group, but at least 30 people

Tour programm on 7 days

1 Day
Have a good trip!

Check out (roughly 05.30) and in the Central.
Transit through the territory of Belarus (~350 km), crossing of the border.
Transit (~600 km) in Poland and the Czech Republic.
Bed on Czech territory.
Excursion in Krakow
Welcome to the Board! Today early morning will be your introduction to the crew guide and drivers and fellow passengers. In no time you will become of a motley group, different in age and Outlook of the travelers team, ready to absorb all the best that can offer the old Europe.

The most crucial part of today – the crossing of the state border. We recommend to check in advance how the content of your Luggage meets the relevant customs requirements (for this see the "General rules bus tours")

Today we will have the opportunity to a night out in Krakow, which for more than two hundred years, could boast of a high status of the capital, during which Poland experienced its Golden age. Metropolitan banner in 1596 moved with Sigismund III Vase in Warsaw, but Wawel hill with the Cathedral Church of saints Stanislaus and Wenceslaus remained, as the kings of several glorious dynasties who have completed their thorny way of life in the crypts of the Cathedral. Stayed in Krakow and the Royal Palace, and St. Mary's Church, and cloth hall at main Market square, and much more that you will see during the guided walks around the city.

Day 2

The transfer (~300 km) to Vienna – capital of Austria.
Sightseeing tour of the city. Free time (max 2 hours).
Moving (~480 km) overnight at the hotel in Italy.
Visit the Hofburg Palace and Sisi Museum
In souvenir shops of Vienna is often classical music playing, and guests of the capital at times are moved on carriages. Walking through the historic center, which gave Vienna the title of "city-Museum", we really want to blow dust from the great monuments of architecture all conceivable styles. A walking tour will introduce you to the Maria-Theresien-Platz, Heroes ' square, Hofburg Palace, Graben, St. Stephen's Cathedral, the Opera house.

All of these objects remember their former emperors, and the Austrians are proud of the Habsburgs. We offer you slightly touch the life of the Imperial court, giving some of your time to comprehensive the Museum* includes visiting the apartments of Franz Joseph and the Museum of his incomparable wife, Empress Sissi, where her wedding and casual dresses, favorite jewelry, account for the brownies and even the ill-fated sharpening, ended the life of "the first beauty of Europe."

In his spare time, of particular importance are concepts such as the waltz, coffee, strudel. The last two recommend that you indulge yourself in one of the Viennese coffee houses, and waltz in Austria can be directly on the lawn.

Day 3

Move (~140 km) to Venice.
Sightseeing tour of the city. Free time.
Moving (~350 km) for overnight at the hotel in Italy.
Mandatory tourist tax + travel by boat to Venice and back
Riding the gondolas
Excursion to Padua
We are heading to Venice, to understand that you can only see it on a large map of the Northern edge of the Adriatic sea. A long, narrow barrier, consisting of numerous small Islands, separates the lagoon from the sea – warm Creek, where the rivers carry sand, forming shoals. And it's still not earth, but rather hardened and very shaky water, where 15 centuries ago built their homes the first settlers. Hundreds of years later these semi man-made island, the combined piles and artificial bridges, will be one of the most powerful Republics in Europe. Venice – the famous city on water, the homeland of Murano glass, European carnival, Casanova and one of the most romantic places in Europe.

Today we offer you to take a fascinating walk on the fabulous archipelago, having become acquainted with the sights of the most famous of the Islands – San Marco, to reach which we have on a boat on the waters of the Venetian lagoon.

Sightseeing tour will allow to see the famous sights like St. Mark's Cathedral, Doge's Palace, Rialto bridge, and find out how people manage to solve domestic issues with a stroll through the inner courtyards with wells and private berths instead of the porch.

In my free time for those wishing to walk on a gondola on the canals - a way to experience the atmosphere of the city and feel like a real Venetian.

*in connection with the prohibition of movement of ground transport in the historical part of Venice travel is done by public transport (boat or boat+train, depending on the complexity of the traffic situation)

Offer to continue the acquaintance with the country in Padua the city of Saint Anthony, the second oldest University of the country and the most charming center in the late Gothic style in Northern Italy. There are cities unique, even for Italy, it is to them is Padua: there are so many here worked representatives of different creative professions. The city's rich heritage made it a cultural Mecca and during the excursion we will get acquainted with the main sights: the Cathedral of St. Anthony, the Palazzo case Ragione, University of Padua, Prato della Valle; and follow the creative path of the famous Giotto and learn how and where came Europe's first anatomical theater.

Day 4

Moving (~170 km) Rome – capital of Italy.
Sightseeing tour of the city. Free time.
Return (~170 km) to the hotel.
Tour of the Vatican museums and St. Peter's
The use of public transport (obligatory)
Rome maintains its chronicle more than three thousand years. Just imagine what when in your hometown in the best case, several tribes of the clay pots under the eaves of skins, Rome could not decide what columns it is better to decorate the new Church in the name of Minerva, Corinthian or Ionian. And not surprisingly, all roads led to Rome: here in the Grand amphitheaters were served the spectacle, and in the numerous taverns of the bread pouring wine.

Since then has flowed away a lot of water, and the Colosseum and the Pantheon during a sightseeing tour you can admire almost in the same form as in the days of the Roman Empire. The outlines, for example, the former stadium of Emperor Domitian only guessed the shape of his beloved for a modern Roman Piazza Navona. With the passage of time Rome has changed, and today will please fans of various styles and eras in its sights: the Trevi fountain, Castel Sant'angelo, Il Vittoriano monument in Piazza Venezia. In addition, Rome has sheltered on its territory in the tiny state of the planet - the Vatican, whose main Saint Peter's square and the eponymous Cathedral you have seen on TV at Easter or Christmas, and now finally see with my own eyes.

For those who want it is possible to organize excursions to the heart of the Catholic world, St. Peter's - without exaggeration, the very history of Christianity, embodied in stone, and the list of great people with that particular talent had a hand in its architecture and interior decoration, will occupy not one page. Visit the Vatican museums provided individually in your free time (ticket price € 16), or for those who want can also be given a tour of the halls with a guide*.

(Due to limitation of motion of a tourist bus in Rome, travel to the city, excursions and travel around the city are made by public transport (from 1.5 euros per trip, on the day 6 Euro)).

Day 5

Moving (~120 km) to Florence.
Sightseeing tour of the city.
Moving (~320 km) overnight at the hotel in Italy.
Tour of the Uffizi gallery (Pitti)
Excursion to Verona
Italian boot diagonally adorned with the magic beauty of the Apennines, and the most picturesque part of them is, without a doubt, in Tuscany. On the Internet you've seen these hills covered in cypresses and vineyards, many times, and today you shared except that the sash Windows in the bus. Not surprisingly, occurred among this beauty of Florence subsequently became the cradle of art, the source of a great Renaissance and the birthplace of the greatest masters of painting, sculpture and the modern Italian language: Dante, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael.

The locals are by default characterized by a refined taste, because almost daily they make the way through the corridors of the streets of the city-Museum under the open sky among Palazzo Vecchio, Santa Croce Basilica, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Ponte Vecchio. Setneedclientauth you.

In free time we offer to get acquainted with the works of masters of the Renaissance, visiting one of the great galleries of Florence – Uffizi or Pitti (depending on availability of tickets). For masterpieces exhibited here, you can defend any line, but, going to the Museum with a guide, you will learn the secrets of the masters without having to stand for hours near the walls of the Museum. You must agree, there is a special pleasure to be able to see works of art that are familiar to everyone from school through illustrations in textbooks.

*due to the restriction of movement of tourist buses in Italian cities, transfers to the city centre are made on public transport.

It seems that you have already seen everything or almost everything in Italy? You are very far from the truth, this beautiful country you can explore endlessly! The final "Italian" point of this tour offer to supply in Verona – one of the most ancient, but perfectly preserved city. If the legends are disingenuous, then he did a dramatic love Romeo and Juliet, by Shakespeare, romantics from all over the world come to the famous yard, in order to reconstruct the scene on the famous balcony. In addition to the literature in this city attracts more and history that filled the streets of the city, and beautiful nature of the valley of the river Adige. During the tour you will see one of the three most grandiose Rimsko Arenas, built of pink marble, Piazza Brà, Piazza della Signoria, arch Scaligero, Piazza delle Erbe and the Baroque Palazzo della Gran Guardia and the Palace of the Municipality, the remains of the fortress wall and city gate of Roman times.

After the tour, take the opportunity to stroll through the ochre streets of the city, finally enjoying Italian cuisine, or at least a great homemade ice cream.

Day 6

Moving (~360 km) in Salzburg.
Sightseeing tour of the city.
Free time .
Moving (~480 km) overnight at the hotel in the Czech Republic.
In this round you have already a lot of lush palaces, impregnable fortresses and breathable the history of cities. Therefore, the program of the first half of today unity with nature. Waking up in the Alps, we will continue to admire the mountain range. Today we will see him in three countries: Italy, Austria and Germany. Admire the scenery will be mostly from the bus window, wistfully clinging to the glass.

Will do and "Alpine break", during which the group assistant will prepare a small picnic in honor of the anniversary, the company will complete that memorable group photo on the background of fabulous mountains...

Sometimes you have to check on Wikipedia the date of the death of the great Mozart, after having been in Salzburg, you will remain in the persistent feeling that he's still there. His music sounds even at McDonald's, sold on digital media in the nearest gift shop and the portrait is emblazoned on every third piece of candy. It seems as if he is walking in the fabulous Park of Meribel, or stares at a unique organ in the Cathedral. To get rid of these feelings, drink a glass of water directly from clear mountain river Salzach and continue sightseeing: the Hohensalzburg castle, the house-Museum of Mozart, the residence of the Archbishop, street Getreidegasse, Kollegienkirche etc.

In his free time, dine in Bohemian-political café Central, popular among Russian revolutionaries, or the coffee shop Salzburg, favorite of the great composer. The atmosphere here will take you a few centuries in the past, and the waitress in the historical uniform will carry in front of you desserts on a huge tray. And even those who resist the sweet flipping through the menu, will not stand, watching the beauty before him cakes!

Day 7
With the return!

Transit (~700 km) in Poland. The passage of the border.
Arrive to Minsk late at night or the next morning.
Excursion program over, and now we are waiting for the road home. To transit the day did not seem boring, the supervisor will make his conduct informative quiz. You will be able to remember everything you have seen in the past week and to demonstrate their erudition, and, of course, to get gifts for their active participation and correct answers to questions.

The time has come to say goodbye to new friends. And now we need to make a difficult choice – how to say goodbye? Say to each other "arrivederci" as they say Italians are hot or simply "goodbye". But like you said it means only one thing – we will see you again to share new experiences.

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