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Минск, Bus
Expired dates, to 5 days
1 people
Hotel: Not specified
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The price includes

The price includes:

travel by comfortable bus
accommodation: 4 nights in a hotel
food - 4 Breakfast
sightseeing tour in Budapest
a trip to the baths of Miskolc-Tapolca

The tour price is not included

Additional charge:

visa 60€, the visa service center (if necessary)
turuslug 60 rubles
transfer to the széchenyi bath - 5€
optional seat selection on the bus is€ 10, the first 4 rows of seats 15€, double seat 50€
optional excursions
entrance fees to sites visited (optional)
The choice of 10 euros, the first 4 rows of 15 euros, double seat in the bus, 50 Euro
tourist taxes in hotels in the Ter. Europe

Tour programm on 5 days

Departure from Minsk.

Departure from Minsk in the early morning. On the way pick up tourists from Brest, Kobrin and Baranovichi.
Border crossing, transit crossing.
A visit to a Mall in Poland for shopping (no more than 2-3 hours).
Overnight at the hotel.


Breakfast. Departure to Hungary.
A visit to the baths of Miskolc-Tapolca.
The resort of Miskolc-Tapolca located in the Park surrounded by beech forest. There is a public beach and bathing lake cave, washed in solid limestone rocks. Tourists come here to swim in the cave, enjoy the thermal water in a natural pool and breathe fresh air.
Cave bath of Miskolc-Tapolca is the only European Spa bath located washed in thermal water caves. In addition to the cave pools here there are galleries, natural galleries and rooms with a Jacuzzi with water jets. Tourists who chose a tour to Hungary from Minsk, you can enjoy the baths of Miskolc-Tapolca not only swim in the cave, but individual treatments or a trip to the sauna. You have swimming pools for children and adults, AzRENA baths, thermal pools, two Finnish sauna with lava stones and steam cabin. Want to get a therapeutic effect from the guided tour in Budapest from Minsk, go to the baths in Miskolc-Tapolca!
Transfer to Budapest, accommodation in the hotel.
Optional walk on the boat with champagne on the Danube "Openwork decoration of Budapest". Familiarity with the city would be incomplete without a walk on the wide Danube. What are you waiting for? Gorgeous photos of the Hungarian capital "with water," the fascinating history of the life of Budapest, and sparkling champagne on the deck of the ship.
Optional trip to Szentendre. If you chose a bus tour to Budapest, from Minsk, then be sure to visit one of the cities of the Danube bend, his pearl - Szentendre. Cozy town at the beginning of the last century was chosen by the painters and sculptors who left behind a rich legacy in the modern Szentendre more than 50 museums! Hungarian city invites you to long walks through the narrow streets along the low houses with tiled roofs and cozy cafes, you can always try the local wine and enjoy the delicious marzipan!
Overnight at the hotel.


Breakfast. Sightseeing tour of Budapest. The minimum plan, which is to be performed in Budapest – enjoy the unique architecture of the European capital. First and foremost, you will be amazed by the Parliament located on the banks of the Danube. We'll walk along the embankments of Budapest, learn the history of the chain bridge (it connects two parts of the city – Buda and pest), going up to the gellért hill with a breathtaking view of the city! The Church in the rock, a spring of healing water, the statue of Liberty and the Citadel – additional "bonuses" that are waiting for you at the top! Hungarians cherish their history, so during the tour, you will see a huge number of monuments, sights and attractions, including the Cathedral of St. Stephen (or Istvan, as they call it themselves Hungarians) and Vajdahunyad castle.
Optional excursion to Bratislava. One of the four capitals, standing on the Danube, Bratislava will appeal to those who love and appreciate the contrasts: the Bratislava castle and the Episcopal Palace – symbols of the greatness; the sculpture of spider-man and an architectural element "ear" in the design of the building – the breath of contemporary art. Bratislava surprises, so be sure to visit the capital of Slovakia, to realize that the incongruous is combined!

A visit to the széchenyi thermal bath is the largest bath complex of Europe.

The széchenyi bath is composed of 11 therapeutic baths, indoor and outdoor pools, 10 saunas and steam rooms. The first medical bath of pest opened its doors in 1913! For over 100 years, the water in the széchenyi bath is supplied from the source of St. Stephen. You will be able to compare the temperature of the water in the warm baths (from +26 to +40°C) and in the cooling pool (18°C), swimming in the outdoor pools in winter, making magical photos in a couple of clubs, and spend time in the cosy steam room the most popular thermal baths of Budapest! Familiarity with the city-resort will not be complete without a visit to the historic széchenyi bath, so be sure to add water treatments to your guided tour in Budapest!
Optional excursion "Alternative Budapest". Budapest is famous for its "ruin"pubs (from ruin — ruins) or "trash"bars (from trash — garbage). The tour includes a visit to several bars and a night walk around the city.

Additional evening excursion "Night. Castle. Buda". Once in Budapest, you will surely hear the names Mary and Gellert, whose life in the Royal Palace has always been shrouded in mystery, the main question which is: "Why Mary and Gellert sleep separately?". Royal Palace of Buda, holds many secrets, to unravel the mystery which you will be able to night tours in Budapest. Zero kilometer in the Hungarian capital will be our starting point in an amazing journey full of puzzles and incredible mysteries!

Excursion under the moon is the opportunity to experience the night magic of Budapest: panoramic view from fishermen's Bastion lush, reflecting in the Danube of the Parliament, the mosaic of the Church of St. Matthias, the magic city clock and the opportunity to get lost in the maze of the Royal Palace! If you are not enough of secrets and mysteries that gradually unfold in the shadow of the chestnut Avenue, we will show a special place – a SIP of water that you drink here will give you a lot of new fans or fans! The magic night of Budapest - an exciting excursion for adventurers and curious tourists!
Overnight at the hotel.


Breakfast. Free time in Budapest.
Optional excursion to Vienna. Past and present of the romantic city will be revealed to you through the architectural masterpieces and historical monuments of the Austrian capital. We will look to ring the Ringstrasse, pass by the Hofburg Imperial Palace, learn the secrets of the "Swiss yard" and will witness the street events that are constantly put in front of city Hall. Passing the twins-museums, again, we're a little bit closer to the classics are the monuments of Mozart, Beethoven remind us that we are in the musical capital of Europe, and St. Michael's square and St. Greben plunge us into the middle Ages!
Return to Budapest.
Check out the group.
Overnight at the hotel.

Arrival to Minsk

Breakfast. Departure to Belarus.
Arrival to Minsk late in the evening.

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