Новогодняя сказка Грузии (Тбилиси-Мцхета-Кахетия)

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Christmas and New Year

О туре

Минск, Aircraft
Expired dates, to 8 days
1 people
Hotel: Darchi Palace 3*/Epic 3* 3*
Accommodation types: DBL (двухместный номер)
Types of Food: BB (завтраки)

Arrival Dates

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Tour programm on 8 days

1 Day

Guaranteed quota of seats!
❄ Day 1 (29.12.15). ✈ Departure from Minsk at 22:45. Flight B2 735
❄ Day 2 (30.12.15). Arrival at the Tbilisi airport at 02:45. Meeting with the host, transfer to the hotel. Wannsee check in at the hotel. Overnight at the hotel.
Breakfast at hotel, tour of the capital. The tour starts from Tbilisi Cathedral of the Holy Trinity.The Cathedral produces an unforgettable impression on the visitor with their beauty and grandeur. The height of the temple is 100 meters from the base to the dome of the cross. In the United complex of 12 temples, some of which are located at the base of the main Cathedral. The Cathedral is of great importance for every Orthodox Georgians, that's the temple on Sabbath service conducted by the Catholicos-Patriarch of Georgia Ilya II.
Metekhi– the Church was built in the 5th century. Like many Christian churches, this temple many times literally "erased" from the face of the earth, but each time it is restored again.
Narikala Fortress. The exact date of construction of the fortress is unknown, but archeological excavations have been found layers of walls, Dating from the 1st century B. C. Even in those ancient times the territory of modern Tbilisi was settlement. In the 6th century the length of the fortress walls reached 6 000 steps, which is about 4 km. the height of the walls was 25 metres across the wall is 25 lookout towers, the gates were well-guarded. For all these reasons, Narikala means a fortress which is impossible to take. In addition, it should be noted that the very capital of Georgia was surrounded by 2 walls, one Narikala wall, and the second city wall. The impressive part of the city wall was found during restoration work in the center of Tbilisi, which dates from the 5 – 6 centuries. It was decided to leave this part of the wall in the center of the city to every guest of the capital was able to feel the antiquity and power of this historic city.
Abanotubani (district of baths). It is from this point begins the story of Tbilisi.
At the end of the tour check in at the hotel in Tbilisi. Overnight at the hotel.
❄ Day 3 (31.12.15). Breakfast at the hotel. Today is New Year's eve! 😻 New Year in Georgia – the biggest and the favorite holiday, no wonder people call it "happy day"! All the preparations for the new year holiday begin long before its occurrence. Buy and prepare sweets, candy, nuts, churchkhela, fruit, wine and gifts for family and friends. New Year in Georgia, according to the tradition of roast suckling pig, chickens, sure to cook satsivi of Turkey, bread, khachapuri, cakes and pastries, and of course, make the peanut brittle – made of honey and nuts.
Today we invite You to celebrate the New Year in a festive, colorful atmosphere in the restaurant Mravalzhamier! This night You will arrive in the Georgian tale, Christmas night will whirl You under the performance of the Georgian ensemble and show national dance groups! Toastmaster will not miss, but Georgian toasts will flow. Overnight at hotel in Tbilisi.
❄ Day 4 (01.01.16). Breakfast at the hotel. Free day. The first day of the new year is very important in the Georgian tradition to this day. Get creative with baby airlines still in Georgia, there is a whole ritual associated with "mekvle" – the person who first crosses the threshold of the house in the new year and brings happiness (or unhappiness). "Good leg" is always appreciated. In the Georgian villages the villagers, known for this property, went to congratulate the rest of their neighbors. Mekvle brought a bag with wine, sweet and always with a piece of boiled pork and came to the house, uttered the ritual words with a wish for happiness in the new year. Today in Georgia of all new year's guests "mekvle" a special honor. After all, next year will solely depend on the "easy" his leg or not. But for sure it will be possible to learn only after a year.
❄ Day 5 (02.01.16). Breakfast in hotel and departure to the ancient capital of Georgia – Mtskheta. The history of the founding of the city deep roots in the Bible, for this reason, Mtskheta differently called the second Jerusalem. It was in this city to hold the chiton of Jesus Christ, in which he was crucified. It is a city-Museum, which is under UNESCO protection and belongs to world heritage. On the tour, tourists will visit the former Cathedral “Svetitskhoveli” (11th century) and famous Jvari monastery which stands on the mountain before the town. The monastery is located on the site of the merging of the mouths of two rivers Aragvi and Mtkvari.
After the tour, transfer to Tbilisi.
❄ Day 6 (03.01.16). Breakfast at the hotel. Departure to the Homeland of wine – Kakheti. Today we feel all the luxury of taste and aroma of Georgian wine on the way to Kakheti, the certified guides of the receiving party will disclose You secrets of preparation of Georgian wine, to tell what is the main difference between the Georgian wines from Europe.
Visit the convent Bodbe, where is buried enlightener of all Georgia St. Nino. In the Church of St. George, which is located on the territory of the monastery, rest in the wonder-working icon of the Iberian mother of God. Everyone who visits the Church will observe the power and greatness of this icon.
Arrival in the city of love, Sighnaghi. The first historical information about this town meeting in 7-8 centuries. By the end of the 9th century the city was described as a well-fortified center, which was defending Kakheti against enemy attacks from the East. In the 12th century the town was surrounded by a wall, which had 28 towers, and the height of the walls reach up to 22 meters. Tourists will have the opportunity to walk along the battlements and enjoy the fabulous views of the Alazani valley. In 2006-2007, the city held a large-scale restoration work. In Sighnaghi 24 hours of functioning in the house of marriage. In this small but cozy and quiet town of Georgia you can enjoy the clear mountain air, the beauty of nature and feel all the hospitality of this country.
Tasting of Georgian wine and chacha in the cellar "Pheasant Tears"!!!
After the tour, transfer to Tbilisi, overnight at the hotel.
❄ Day 7 (04.01.16). Breakfast at the hotel. Free day to buy Souvenirs, a night in hotel Tbilisi
❄ Day 8 (05.01.16.). Breakfast at the hotel. The release numbers. Transfer to Tbilisi airport. A happy return home with unforgettable impressions.
👛 The cost of the tour + turuslug
👆 (payable in Belarusian rubles at the exchange rate)
when staying in a double room (two breakfasts included)
✂ Darchi Palace 3*/Epic 3* () – $ 1550.
✂ KMM 3*, Vendizi 4* () – $ 1776.
✂ Vere Palace 4* (optional) – 1998 dollars.
when staying in a single room (Breakfast included)
✂ KMM 3*, Vendizi 4* () – $ 1055.
✂ Darchi Palace 3*/Epic 3* () – 910 USD.
✂ Vere Palace 4* (optional) – $ 1295.
when staying in a triple room (three Breakfast included)
✂ Darchi Palace 3*/Epic 3* () – $ 2265.
✂ KMM 3*, Vendizi 4* () – $ 2595.
✂ Vere Palace 4* (optional) – $ 2910.
📌 Included:
Flight Minsk – Tbilisi – Minsk (guaranteed block):included In the price:
B2 735 – MSQ 22:45 – TBS 02:35
B2 736 – TBS 03:45 – MSQ 05:45
All types of transport services (transfer from airport and to airport, transportation during the tour);
Accommodation in the hotel of chosen category in Tbilisi in a double room (7 nights) on BB basis;
Excursions according to the tour program;
Sighnaghi + Bodbe;
Service of professional guide;
New year's eve dinner in the restaurant "Mravalzhamieri";
Tasting of wine and chacha in Sighnaghi;
The lifts in Tbilisi;
Entrance tickets along the route.
📌 Not included in the price:
Medical insurance

Price tour 775 USD to 8 days,  1 people Book tour


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