New year 2017 in Transcarpathia. Uzhgorod-Mukachevo-Bruise

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Christmas and New Year

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Минск, Bus
Expired dates, to 5 days
1 people
Hotel: Интурист-Закарпатье 3*
Accommodation types: DBL (двухместный номер)
Types of Food: BB (завтраки)

Arrival Dates

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The price includes

travel on a comfortable bus
excursion service.
accommodation in selected category of hotel

The tour price is not included

turuslug 50 white.RUB.
entrance fees to the sites visited.
new year Banquet
Check-out from Vitebsk 10€ (group from 15 people)
insurance 2€

Tour programm on 5 days


Departure from Minsk. On the way pick up tourists from Baranovichi and Brest.The passage of the border. Night crossing.

New year

Arrival to Uzhgorod. Breakfast in the restaurant with traditional Transcarpathian cuisine.(surcharge ≈ 3$)
Walking tour around Uzhgorod. This ancient European city has long attracted tourists for its historical and architectural monuments. Uzhgorod - the Golden gate in Europe, simultaneously ancient and eternally young city, whose emblem is a bunch of grapes - a symbol of wealth, love of life and friendship.
Sightseeing tour of the city : Uzhgorod castle (admission 25 C.) town Hall, Greek-Catholic Cathedral, Goryanskaya rotunda of 12 century, the Luxurious building of the regional Philharmonic, the longest in Europe Linden alley - it is not a complete list of the highlights that abound in Uzhgorod.
To finish your excursion on the Korzo street. In Italian "Korzo" means "place for walking". The name given to the street even the former owners of city of the Druget family is justified now. It is a favorite place for walks of citizens and guests of the city, there are many cafes and shops.
In Transcarpathia traditional winemaking previously based only on dry wines, and later began to make a dessert wine. Now every winemaker makes a dessert wine to your recipe and gives their names. In addition to the dry wines will be served and dessert wines. Serves 6 -7 wines.
Transcarpathian wines tasting ( optional at additional cost 80 gr.) : Furmint, Kirilenko, Traminer, Riesling, Muscat, Ottonel, Kogarko, Cabernet, dove, Oporto, melro, zweiger, Isabella.
Check in at the hotel.
Free time. Preparing for the New year.
Festive new year Banquet. ( extra optional)
Banquet in the restaurant of the hotel. Cost 65$, children under 12 years - 40$

A bottle of Champagne 750 ml
Transcarpathian minvoda in glass Shayan 500 ml
Cold Appetizer
Shrimp 50 grams
in duet with the olive Calamonte
Salmon 50 gr
accompanied by red caviar
Seasoned dried Salami 50 g
50 g fromage
Hungarian Bacon 50 grams
Cheese from local Dairies 50 grams
in a cocoon of bacon
Meat balls asparagus under sauce 80 g
Quail eggs 50 gr
filled with delicate pate made with veal meat and liver
Pancake Teal Paprikash 50 grams
Salads in tartlets
From pickled liver 80 gr
roasted in balsamic sauce tender liver with ripe tomatoes
Monsieur Olivier 80 gr
with quail egg grilled chicken with wine sauce 80 g
Hot Appetizer
Braised homemade sausage Picnic with spicy sauce 50 grams
created at the private Alpine Carpathian farms sausage
served accompanied by young peas
Czech Knuckle Flambe 100 gr
Hungarian Roll 100g
meatloaf stuffed with herbs and cheese
accompanied by Pesto and sesame seeds
Baked Potato wedges 150g
Paprikoy bread 150 gr
All served with fresh leaves and herbs
Your alcohol and bezalkogol to bring.
Cake and fruit at a common table 150 gr
It's possible to swap foods, but only for the better.

New year's eve menu 2016-2017

Restaurant "Europe" the Cost of$ 60, discount for children till 10 years - 30$

Cold meats (150 g)
(talisic kovbasi, sire, oil vershkove)
Cheese plate (150 g)
Pancakes with samegai (150 g)
Avocado salad (250 g)
Salad "Olivier" (250 g.)
Fish hot appetizer "don Mare" (300 g.)
Mashed potatoes (200 g)
Swinea sirloin on the bone "Sarkodie" (200g)
Bread (3 pieces)
Fruits (300 g)
Champagne ½ PL.
Mineral water 1 PL.
Coffee 2 Porz.

Independently returning to the hotel.

A visit to the hot springs Kosino, skiing

2017 happy New year!
Free time or optional tour program:
Ski centre "Bruise" Complex "Termal water Kosino"-Transcarpathian wine Tasting in Between.( paid 5$ for a group of 25 people+ pay entrance fees)
Ski resort "Bruise": two post lift - 300 meters and 1100 meters on the slopes of mount Obalski stone. Rental of ski equipment ( surcharge) and skiing, snowboarding, sledding, snowtubing.
The complex "Thermal waters" Kosino "is located seven pools, four of them are thermal.The thermal water complex rises from a well depth of 1190 meters, then, from a depth of 90 meters under the ground, mineralized water with a temperature of 51 ° C is pumped by pump and gets into the pool with a temperature of + 41 ° C., 2014, "Thermal waters of Kosino" opened the Royal bathing complex, which consists of 7 unique saunas, which have no analogues in Ukraine.
-Eucalyptus sauna
Salt Lisya Nora
-Herbal sauna
-Roman sauna
-Turkish sauna (Hamam)
-Hungarian sauna
-Ice cave
As You enjoy the unique, almost 16-metre fountain-pool. This is the "Golden tap of health", the highest in Ukraine. The fountain has been nicknamed the illusion, because from afar it looks like a giant cock just hung in the air!
Golden crane is surrounded by 4 fountains-Jacuzzi with a huge makeshift structures, where in the pools serves the healing thermal water. This 5-metre long glass of beer and a 5.3-foot bottle of wine, 3-meter jar palinki and a Cup of coffee.
The entrance ticket to the territory of Kosino (300 gr.)
Tasting Average. Here You get into the tunnels carved into the tufa - a porous rock of volcanic origin. Inside a constantly maintained temperature of 12 degrees, ideal conditions for aging wine. Serednie wines were known to many monarchs of Europe, they are delivered to the court of Russian Tsar Peter I. you can Buy wine in the shop. (The cost of the tasting is an adult, 75 UAH )
Return to Uzhgorod. Free time.
In your free time You can visit the national restaurant "detsa u Notarya" . The tavern-Museum "detsa u notarya" (translated as "one Hundred grams of a notary") is an ethnographic restaurant-Museum, which offers a Transcarpathian folk humor. The school opened in 1995 at the notary's house was built in 1940, local historian and cartoonist Chuchka. The tavern has a great variety of halls and venues with capacity of 500 persons. The design and decor of the Inn is great laugh: signs and announcements at the entrance, the menu is in local dialect, the waiters, every other sentence is a joke, Souvenirs - identity "drunk driver", beer glasses.
Or to go to night clubs "VIPer", "Panorama", which will offer the entertaining program till the morning.



Breakfast. Check out of the hotel.
Departure to Mukachevo. Sightseeing tour. Mukachevo is an ancient city over Latorica. The European spirit and sanctity of traditions - a combination that creates an exciting atmosphere for which to visit this wonderful city.Clean and well maintained, quiet and friendly, he will give you the buildings of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and many historical monuments.
Mukachevo is situated in the valley surrounded by the pretty Carpathian mountains, where locals go for picnics and mushrooms, enjoying the beauty of nature, cool streams and clean air. The hallmark of the city is the castle "Palanok" (entrance ticket is ≈ 20 g) is one of the most valuable historical and military-architectural monuments of Ukraine. Free time.
Moving to the shenbournes ' hunting Lodge, and now the sanatorium "Carpathians".
One of the most beautiful and best preserved palaces of Ukraine built in the neo-Renaissance style, has a so-called "astronomical structure." In this number of Windows — 365 — meets the number of days in a year, 52 rooms meet the number of weeks, and 12 inputs — number of months. The Palace is immersed in the greenery of an English Park, where is the lake which contours repeat the borders of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the late NINETEENTH century.
Free time. Check out the home. A visit to the supermarket.


Arrival in Minsk in the first half of the day.

Price tour 125 USD to 5 days,  1 people Book tour

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