New year in Israel with departure from Riga, Latvia.

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Christmas and New Year

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Минск, Aircraft
Expired dates, to 8 days
1 people
Hotel: Not specified
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The price includes

Flights Riga - Tel Aviv -Riga
Hand Luggage is 1 bag weighing up to 10 kg and dimensions not exceeding 55 x 40 x 20 cm
Accommodation in Israel 3*- 6 nights (double room)
6 breakfasts,1 Breakfast with myself

The tour price is not included

Supplement for single occupancy 180 €
health insurance
The tour package.


*the calculation is made in rubles at the exchange rate on the day of payment
**must be paid at the route
Additional charge for tourist services was 30 RUB.
The tour cost plus tour and transport package**-549 € + tour transport package 179 €

Tour programm on 8 days

Transfer to Riga airport (Exact time will be posted at our website in the section "administration Desk" 1-2 days before travel). Airfare from Riga to tel Aviv. Optional excursion to the Dead sea (additional charge).

Transfer to Riga airport (Exact time will be posted at our website in the section "administration Desk" 1-2 days before travel). Airfare from Riga to tel Aviv. Optional excursion to the Dead sea (additional charge).
A fascinating journey through the expanses of the Judean desert, on the way to the Dead sea tourists will be able to see the True Place of the Baptism, the ancient monastery of Gerasimus of the Jordan. The path runs to the Dead sea via the Judean desert – a place that for millennia attracted people with his divine energy . The biblical prophets and Christ, the old Testament monks and hermits found here privacy for conversations with God. On the way to the Dead sea we are waiting for amazing scenery and fascinating story about biblical times.
The administration in Netanya. Check in at the hotel. Dinner (optional, additional charge). Overnight at the hotel.

Breakfast. Optional excursion to Galilee (extra charge).

Galilee is a mountainous district in the North of Israel, which is geographically divided into two main parts – the Upper (Northern) Galilee and the Lower (southern) Galilee. Upper Galilee is a more mountainous region. Its maximum height is the peak of mount Meron is 1208 meters, and the lower Galilee is less mountainous area where the maximum height is the height of the top of mount Kamon, component 602 meters. Due to the abundance of water and fertility of the soil, which is typical for the valleys of Galilee and is of great importance for Israel, this area in ancient times was relatively densely populated. Today, this territory is the most diverse from the ethnic point of view, the area of Israel. Here there are villages Druze (Beit-Jan, Peki'in) and Circassian villages (Rehania and Kfar-Kama), preserving to this day their ancient national traditions. In the area of Galilee, there are also Arab villages, and the population of some of them (such as Kfar Yassif) is predominantly Muslim, and in other localities predominantly Christian (village Pasuta) or mixed composition (village of mA'alot Tarshiha). Galileo is one of the most notable and popular tourist centers in Israel, which has dozens of sites of different nature and properties. For example, there are national parks that have preserved the signs of antiquity (among them, Bar-Am, Sepphoris, Beit she'arim, Monfort and kohav ha Yarden), cities and villages preserved since the first settlement of Jews in this area and storing a history of Zionism (Metula, Yesod ha-mA'aleh, Rosh Pina), beautiful nature reserves (lake ha-Hula, mount Miron, forest, Bar-Am, stream Kziv and many more), Jewish Holy places, including the grave of the righteous, ancient synagogues, etc. (in Safed and Tiberias), and the Holy Christian sites, which is visited by numerous pilgrims to the Holy Land (Nazareth, Kfar Nahum, the Jordan river and lake Kinneret). Lake Kinneret, the main freshwater source that supplies drinking water to the entire country, is here. On the shore of the sea of Galilee constantly grow and replace each other tent - come here to relax at the end of the week, the Israelites, in the hotel rest a lot of tourists, but also hosts concert events, children's camps. The concentration of many attractions, natural beauty and magnificent landscapes has transformed the area of Galilee in an attractive and unique place that many call Israeli "Tuscany" or "Provence". Anyway, Galileo is a fascinating place to explore, offering dozens of possibilities for excursions and recreation.
Return to the hotel. Dinner (optional, additional charge). Overnight at the hotel.

Breakfast. Free day. Optional tour of Bethlehem (extra charge).

A special place on the world map is the city of Bethlehem. A small town in the Holy Land attracts the attention of a momentous event for the heart of every Christian and of all mankind. More than 2 thousand years ago in Bethlehem Jesus Christ was born.
"House of bread" in Hebrew and "house of meat" in Arabic, as translated name of the city of Bethlehem (Bethlehem), one of the oldest cities of the Holy Land located on the territory of the Palestinian autonomy, on the banks of the Jordan river, just 8 km South of Jerusalem. Bethlehem is the largest pilgrimage center in the world. In Bethlehem, according to the gospel, was born Jesus Christ, and, in addition, was born and was anointed king David.
The main attraction of Bethlehem is the Cave of the Nativity, the greatest Christian Shrine, where Jesus Christ was born.
Overnight at the hotel.

Upon request, depart on an excursion to the beautiful city of tel Aviv-Jaffa (extra charge).

Tel Aviv was founded in 1909. Now it is a resort that is the recognized center of culture, Commerce and entertainment. Through the city runs the pedestrian Primorsky Boulevard, which leads to the ancient city of Jaffa. Is where Noah built his ark. In the heart of tel Aviv's many museums. The most interesting of them is the tel Aviv Museum of art, Museum Eretz Israel, exhibiting archaeological finds of the Philistine period and equipped with modern technical facilities the Museum of the Jewish Diaspora, located in tel-Aviv University, which stores a large amount of information about the life of Jews.
Jaffa (i.e. "beautiful") was not so long ago, an Arab town near tel Aviv. Now there is one city – tel Aviv-Jaffa. If you walk along the promenade along the line of the skyscrapers passing by the old mosque, you find yourself in Jaffa, one of the oldest ports in the Mediterranean. Above the sea rises a hill with the clock; from this hill Napoleon looked into the distance. About the Emperor remind placed here and there cannons and figures of soldiers. Now you can see the skyscrapers along the waterfront of tel Aviv and the ships at sea.
Return to the hotel. Dinner (optional, additional charge). Overnight at the hotel.

Breakfast Free day. Optional tour to Akko and Haifa (extra charge).

Departure to Akko - the city was also the capital of the Kingdom of Jerusalem era of the Crusades, and included in the UNESCO world heritage list. The city was located at the crossroads of international trade routes and therefore has always been a center of history, a meeting point of various cultures and strategic location. The abundance of historical monuments of acre in Israel, probably second only to Jerusalem. Wherever you go, be sure to see something ancient and eye-catching. Acre is interesting from three aspects: historical, archaeological and architectural.
Continue the path and go to Haifa - the third largest city in Israel and second largest seaport, lies on the slopes of mount Carmel, founded in the Roman era. The residents of Haifa talking about his city: "Jerusalem is for praying, tel Aviv – for parties and Haifa – for work and prayers." However, the first impression of the city is not always positive: the city is actually designed to work, it was not created for tourists. But upon closer inspection you realize that he found himself in a stunning location among the fusion of different nationalities, in a place where the mixed Arab and Eastern European blood. Conservative modern Haifa combines it all. It's easy to find something among the many theatres, museums, cinemas, hotels, supermarkets, equipped with air conditioning. In addition, near the town there are some good beaches.
Dinner (optional, additional charge). Overnight at the hotel.

Breakfast Free day. Optional tour to Jerusalem (additional charge)

Jerusalem is a unique blend of cultures. The ancient city stands on the hills, at an altitude of 800 meters. For thousands of years the city has accumulated a rich history. The old city is one square kilometer, but in this area many important monuments. Walk the streets is a journey into the past. The first wall built by the Romans, in the eighth century BC. With the last turn carefully, even if all the building was reconstructed, the facade of the keep.
Return to the hotel. Dinner (optional, additional charge). Overnight at hotel

Free day.

Breakfast. Free day. Dinner (optional, additional charge). Overnight at hotel

The return home.

Breakfast with him. Early morning check-out. Departure to the airport. Flight tel Aviv -Riga. A transfer to Minsk.

Price tour 653 USD to 8 days,  1 people Book tour


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