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Christmas and New Year

О туре

Минск, Bus
Expired dates, to 5 days
1 people
Hotel: Маски 3*
Accommodation types: DBL (двухместный номер)
Types of Food: BB (завтраки)

Arrival Dates

Даты отправления уточняйте у менеджера тура по телефонам или пишите свои вопросы в мини-чате тура!

The price includes

transport services on the route Minsk-Karelia-Minsk;
accommodation in hotel "Maski" (Petrozavodsk, Karl Marx Avenue, 3-A);
meals: 2 Breakfast (smorgasbord), lunch buffet, tea time with gates;
sightseeing: Svyato-Troitskiy monastery of St. Alexander Svirsky, the Kivach waterfalls and Ahvenkoski, the first Russian resort Marcial waters, the Church of the Apostle Peter, tasting Marcial waters, the Ruskeala mountain Park, a musical Carillon;
an overview of the towns: Sortavala, Petrozavodsk and Onega embankment;
national games with Lumi Kelloja and Siberian husky,
the festive program on the shores of lake Onega "in Karelia Santa Claus and snow Maiden the Lumina" for children - a sweet gift, Morse, ride on sled dogs for adults - Karelian tincture, for all guests: beanie from Kelloja Lumi, master-class wickets,
the guide on the territory of Karelia and the accompanying route.

The tour price is not included

-30 rubles turuslug
-new year's Banquet 3200рос rubles per adult, 1700рос rubles per child


- The company reserves the right to change the sequence of providing services without reducing their volume.
- So, there are lots of events are held outdoors, so we recommend to take with you warm clothes, hats, gloves and comfortable shoes sports type.
- The company shall not be responsible for delay in transit due to road conditions. For guests departing from Minsk on long-distance trains, we recommend to buy tickets on the way back is not less than 3 hours after estimated time of arrival specified in the program.

Tour programm on 5 days

Departure from Minsk

Departure from Minsk at 15. 00 from the bus station "Druzhnaya". The transit through the territory of Belarus and Russia.


In the way visit the ancient Holy Trinity monastery, located in the Veps village of Staraya Sloboda. There rests the undecayed body of the great Saint of the Russian Orthodox Church of Alexander Svirsky. Once, at the behest of God, he founded it in pristine dense taiga Olonets province and among indigenous Finno-Ugric pagans: Veps, Chud and Karel.
At 14.00. we are greeted by a forest capital of the Republic – Petrozavodsk.
Today in our new year's Menu "the curious traveler":
- Accommodation in the room.
- Lunch - buffet.
Tour of the festive city. Make a memorable first pictures of its attractions. Visit the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and walk through Governor's Park. Go through the Onezhskaya embankment, the world's only Museum of modern sculptures under the open sky. Look up at the starry sky Neubrandenburg and ask for something cherished on the magical EAR on the wishing Tree. As promised Kent Andersen, the author of the monument, it will come true.
- "Magical workshop" the snow Maiden Lumina.
Doing magic on the production of national pies - gate. Sit down together for a table, make the meal and drink tea with our flavorful masterpieces.

The festive program

- Breakfast in café buffet.
Dress warmly and turn over the second page "Menu curious travelers":
- "The Czar's road". Go to the first Russian resort Marcial waters. He was named in honor of the patron Saint of ferruginous water – God of fire and war Mars. Its main attraction is the Church of the Apostle Peter. Popularly it is called "a foreigner". This unique temple was built under the project of the Emperor, and the construction was led by the Dutchman William Gennin. The Church survived candlesticks made of Karelian birch, carved and painted to look like marble by Peter I.
- Tasting mineral water from four sources.
- FISH shop IN BEREZOVKA. The opportunity to buy local delicious treats co-workers, your family and druzyami.
- Meeting with a powerful man-a giant - waterfall Kivach. Inspect one of the largest plain waterfalls in Europe, nature Museum and arboretum. See the famous Karelian birch. This tree is a mystery with amazing wood marble pattern. Even in the XXI century, among scholars there is debate on the question of its origin.
- Magic hours desires. Will make a stop at the music of the Carillon. 23 North of bell will sing for You Christmas music. Under their chime - make your wishes and they will surely come.
- Holiday program fresh air, "visiting father Frost and the snow Maiden the Lumina".
On the shore of lake Onega acquainted with the mischievous brothers of the Lumina – snow bells Lumi Kelloja. Pour out of their magic bag a sea of laughter and whirl in a whirlwind of snow fun and entertainment.
- National games with Lumi Kelloja and the Siberian husky. For prizes – sweet cowberry drink for kids and berry tincture for adults. Drink prizes without delay a crackling fire and explosive fun.
- Comic competition mushers "come on, sledge, run themselves...". We don't have to catch a pike from our cold hole and make her desires! Experienced mushers-drivers will be acquainted with the sled dogs (Malamute, husky, Chukchi husky) and will learn to skillfully harness the sled dogs.
- Ride for children on sled dogs. Faster Emeline sled race sleds. Turn on the speed and overtake the bully wind.
- Commemorative photo-stop at a family album: "Our new friends". Posing along with you will be a favorite with North Pets.
- Enjoy the fun of winter, light the torches, the fireflies and go to the tent to Santa Claus. The hospitable host of the winter, under the crackle of the logs of the call-Karelian holiday sing winter songs together and play fun games. Will ring a bell Lumi Kelloja and fulfill our desires.
Northern Grandfather would get a fabulous bag and give naughty kids a delicious sweet gift. And merrychristmas to all guests of the beanie is from the snow friends with good wishes for the whole year.
For additional payment we offer:
- Lunch - buffet. The price is 320 rubles/person.
- The complex dinner in a cafe. The cost of 300 rubles/person.
- A concert of organ music in the damaging imagination of the solemn and majestic Palace of arts (Kondopoga) with marble statues, painted ceilings and glowing staircases.
Here we are waiting for the mysterious king of musical instruments – the organ, as so called by Mozart! Both bodies were brought from Hamburg and assembled German organ masters of the company Rudolf von Beckerath. One is big, has about 4,500 thousand pipes and 67 registers.
To an organ concert, You will be able to get away from everyday worries and plunge into the world of harmony of sounds:-buchowski sublime, French-colorful and poetic, Italian hot incendiary. The price is 450 rubles/adult, 300 rubles/child.


The Breakfast in the cafe "buffet".
08:30 - departure from the hotel. The time has come to turn the final page of our menu.
We leave on the big trip on the "Old Finland" (240 km). And we don't need no passport, no visa, but only in a good mood.
- First stop is the waterfall Ahvenkoski. It is a place of shooting of the legendary film "the dawns here are quiet...". People call it "Genkina river."
- Mountain tale of Karelia - Marble Park Ruskeala. Easily talented painter walked the nature in monument mining, making it one of the most beautiful places of the Republic. It is here, has long mined the marble for the decoration of cathedrals and palaces of St. Petersburg. The intricate shapes of the vertical marble rocks in the cave of the king of Roseanna, mysterious tunnels and caves, rock Ivan-da-Marya became the natural backdrop of the film fantasy "the Dark world".
- Welcome to a new year capital of Russia 2016 - Sortavala. Take a walk through the ancient streets of the city. Nicholas Roerich called him one of the few places on Earth where there is a special breath. And the romantic poetry cycles of Bella Akhmadulina was written here...
For additional payment we offer:
- Lunch (set) in a cafe in the town of Sortavala. The cost of 300 rubles/person.
Say goodbye to the Karelian guide. Good roads and new journeys to Karelia!
16:00 - depart to your hometown. Night crossing.

Arrival to Minsk

At approximately 12:00 arrival to Minsk.

Price tour 175 USD to 5 days,  1 people Book tour


ул. Лобанка, 14, оф 5Н | Беларусь, Минск

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