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Christmas and New Year

О туре

Москва, Aircraft
Expired dates, to 9 days
1 people
Hotel: Hatoya Zuihokaku 4*
Accommodation types: DBL (двухместный номер)
Types of Food: Not specified

Arrival Dates

Даты отправления уточняйте у менеджера тура по телефонам или пишите свои вопросы в мини-чате тура!

The price includes

• Accommodation in hotels according to the program
• Breakfasts, 6 Lunches, Christmas dinner
• Transfer airport-hotel-airport Shuttle
• Excursions with Russian speaking guide according to the program, entrance tickets and transportation for the program
• Tickets on the train Tokyo-Kyoto-Himeji-Tokyo
• Medical insurance
• Visa

The tour price is not included

• Flight Moscow-Tokyo-Moscow and/to JAL (Japan airlines), economy-class = 550 euro per person. Possible flights any other airline on the choice of tourists.
• Meals not specified in the program
• Optional excursions
• Personal expenses
• Extra charge for accommodation in single room

Tour programm on 9 days

The flight to Japan.

17:15 Departure flight JL442 (Japanese airline) on the route Moscow-Tokyo.
Unmatched service and comfort, the charming flight attendants, drinks, and Japanese cuisine... a Trip to Japan starts in Domodedovo!
• Flights other international flights also arriving a few days earlier. Recalculation of the tour price is available on request.

Tokyo. Arrival and tour

08:35 Arrival to Tokyo (flight JL442).
Meet guide at arrival hall. Transfer to hotel in Tokyo (about 1-1,5 hours).
10:30 Arrival at the hotel. Leave Luggage at the hotel before check-in (15:00). For a surcharge, You can enjoy guaranteed early check-in.
Artificial island of Odaiba.
• the promenade and views of the rainbow bridge
• showroom Toyota
• the robot Gundam, the Fuji TV building, etc

13:30-14:30 Lunch overlooking the island of Odaiba and Tokyo Bay.
15:00 Return to the hotel. The guide provides maps and explains where you can stroll in the evening where dinner. Helps with the settling and dealing with everyday issues (currency exchange, adapters, etc.)
Your hotel is a 10-minute walk from the Ginza shopping area, where we recommend to spend the evening and dinner.
Those interested can go to the rink with Christmas lights, just do not forget about the movement counter clockwise!

The excursion around Tokyo and arrival in Kyoto

Breakfast at the hotel. The check-out.
10:00 Excursion with English speaking guide Tokyo (lunch during the tour).
Vintage Asakusa. One of the most revered temples in Tokyo - Sensoji. Stalls before the temple offer products for all tastes, selling Souvenirs, as was done for centuries: the old-fashioned shops of the artisans exhibit of fine Handicrafts, and the space around filled with restaurants and stalls with snacks.
Purchase new year's attributes:
• "bear's paw", Canada
• Christmas decorations and cards
• souvenir symbols of the coming year of the rooster
Photo-stop at the Imperial Palace (the Palace itself can not be seen)
A block of skyscrapers of Shinjuku and the Meiji Shrine
The main Shinto Shrine in Tokyo –Meiji Jingu Shrine, built in memory of Emperor Meiji, contrasts with the skyscraper district of Shinjuku and the center of youth fashion and cosplay (dressing up in anime characters, etc.) Harajuku
Aoyama and Omotesando
Among the most fashionable shops and restaurants of the city is the Oriental Bazaar is one of the largest souvenir shops in Tokyo, leading its history since 1916!
On several floors You will find everything you want: kimono, ceramics, traditional toys and interior items and much more.
And now You will find Shibuya's most crowded intersection in the world. The incredible number of pedestrians moves it in all directions simultaneously. A favourite meeting place in this vibrant place – a monument to the dog Hachiko, a lot of years faithfully waited at this place of his suddenly deceased owner. Based on this touching story was filmed not one movie.
Stop in Roppongi, one of the most photographed attractions here – the spider Maman in the background of the Mori tower. There is also other extraordinary works of contemporary art: the disappearing in the rain, a chair, a giant rose, an unusual benches... And on the observation deck of the Mori tower it is possible to look around all of Tokyo.
Walk through the grocery Department of a Department Store, which has already begun preparations for the new year. The guide will tell you that the Japanese eat in New year and the symbolism of each dish. And, of course, will help you choose a set of Japanese "obento" on the road with me for dinner on the train.
This evening we will hike the most beautiful places with festive lights.
Marunouchi area (literally. "within the outer moat"), which previously lived the most powerful of the feudal owners of Edo, is now considered the most prestigious business district of Tokyo. Street Naka Dori will delight You with its Christmas decoration.
18:30 – 21:00 transfer by speed train Shinkansen to Kyoto. Accommodation at hotel in Kyoto.

Tour of Kyoto, a meeting of the New year

09:00 meeting with the guide in the lobby of the hotel departure for excursion (lunch during excursion).
Walk around the quarter Arashiyama, located on the banks of the river surrounded by mountains. The surroundings of the temple, Tenryuji from antiquity were so beautiful that they were called Hourai Sankey - land of eternal joy.
Bamboo path in Arashiyama in winter is no less fabulous. This is one of the most photographed places in Kyoto.
The main hall Otagi Nembutsuji, built in the middle of the kamakura epoch (13) listed in the list of cultural properties of Japan. Interesting the temple are many statues carved from stone by the parishioners under the guidance of the parish rector. These are statues of Arhats (followers of the Buddha who has attained the highest degree of spiritual perfection), there are about 1200, each individual and tells the story of its Creator, a forced smile.
Garden stones Rienzi (Temple Resting Dragon) what would be the point of the veranda the viewer was looking at the famous garden, you cannot see all 15 stones
Golden pavilion kinkaku-JI is one of the main symbols of Kyoto. In 1950, the year Buddhist novice in a fit of insanity burned the temple, the most famous architectural monument of Kyoto. But the temple was restored and is one of the main symbols of Kyoto
17:00 return to the hotel to rest before the New year.
Your hotel has hot springs, so You can well-known cinematic traditions of December 31 to go in the bath.
Meeting with the guide in the hotel lobby, transfer to the restaurant.
Gala dinner and meeting of the New 2017
At midnight You will receive our small gift is Daruma.
Daruma - toy-roly-poly in the form of a Buddhist deity made of wood or papier-mache. You should make a wish and paint one eye. Paint on the second eye in the case of execution of desire, if the desire is not fulfilled, the toy is thrown away or burned.
After dinner, the guide will escort You to the hotel. Guests can enjoy themselves in the night one of the temples of Kyoto (the recommendations will give the guide).

A Visit To Nara. Feeding the sacred deer

Visit the hot springs at the hotel. Breakfast.
11:00 meeting with the guide in the hotel lobby, transfer by train Kyoto-Nara tour (lunch during the tour).
Nara was the capital in the 8th century to the present day the city has preserved the traditional atmosphere and architecture. You will visit todaiji within which the petals of the sacred Lotus seated Buddha. Now around the temples and parks walking freely more than a thousand sacred deer, they are not afraid of tourists, and food for them is sold everywhere.
We continue to celebrate the New year in Japanese committed "hatsumōde" first Shrine visit in the New year below:
• by bringing happiness "new year boom"
• make a wish, write it on a special plate and hang it in the temple
• pulling the Christmas divination
Visit the sanctuary of Kasuga Taisha Shrine with many stone lanterns.
18:00 Return to Kyoto.

The Japanese village

Visit the hot springs, Breakfast.
09:00 meeting with the guide in the hotel lobby.
The transfer to the Japanese "heartland" - a village of thatched Miyama tour of the village.
Immersion in rural life in Japan. Our guide will be local resident and love telling about his native land. In the village of Miyama manages to keep the landscape like it was a few centuries ago. In homes with thatched roofs are still living family
The Japanese walk in the winter woods on snowshoes (not required special skills, even children can participate). Clean air and unspoiled nature – a real winter fairy tale!
Lunch in the village from seasonal produce grown in the area.
Visiting masters and manufacturing under his leadership, the wooden spoons on the memory.

Himeji, moving to Tokyo

Visit the hot springs, Breakfast. The check-out.
09:00 meeting with the guide in the hotel lobby. Moving on a fast train to Himeji (lunch during the tour) .
Himeji-Jo is the largest, best preserved and most visited of the original samurai castles in Japan. It is included in the World heritage list of UNESCO. Himeji castle is a poetic nickname "White Heron", largely thanks to the special non-combustible plaster white color, which covered almost all of it facilities.
Inside the walls of the castle form a labyrinth. This was done in order to confuse the attackers troops. The main tower of Himeji-Jo is visible practically from everywhere, but you can get to it is not so easy. Even today tourists are sometimes difficult to choose the right turn.
Outside the main tower looks five, but in fact it has six floors, not counting basement. This is also a Ruse. The whole design on two supporting columns made of whole trunks of cedar.
After touring the castle – transfer to the bottom station of the cable car to the mountain Yourself (30 min.) and the ascent is by cable car. Visit a Buddhist temple, Angazi.
Buddhist temple on the mountain Angazi Cebazan is not as known and popular as the castle, but no less beautiful. No wonder the temple buildings become the backdrop for the Hollywood movie "the Last samurai" with Tom cruise in the lead role.
Angazi temple of the Tendai school, was founded in 966, the secular priest. It is believed that a bodhisattva of wisdom told you know that anyone who will go up to Sesajal, cleansed, both spiritually and bodily. This belief gradually spread among the believers, and the mountain began to flock to the nation. To study with Sekou came even abdicated and became a monk of the 65th Emperor of Japan.
In some places along the trail to the top for wonderful views down the valley. 10-15 minutes. quite a steep climb the path leads to Niomon, the main gate of the temple, preserved since the construction of Engedi and last renovated in 1655
Behind the gates of the slope becomes gentle, and soon past the minor buildings of the temple you can go to the Mani-den – main building, Engedi, amazing for its ease and grace. From the trail it leads to a tall wooden staircase.
Return to Himeji. Moving by Shinkansen to Tokyo. Independent transfer to the hotel (2 min by taxi or 7-10 min walk from the station).

Walking around Tokyo

We recommend a trip to the former "samurai" capital towns of kamakura (1 hour by train from Tokyo, monasteries, Big Buddha, Pacific coast) or to the port city of Yokohama (30 minutes by train, waterfront "Port of the Future", Chinese quarter, etc.).

Tokyo - free day

A walk around Tokyo or optional sightseeing tour with a guide or independently.

Departure to Moscow

Meeting a driver-Japanese in the hotel lobby. Transfer to the airport on the Shuttle without a guide.
10:45 Departure to Moscow by Japan Airlines 421.
15:00 Arrival to Moscow (Domodedovo).

Price tour 4 595 USD to 9 days,  1 people Book tour

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