Pilgrimage tour to the Holy Matrona of Moscow

Тур от компании: Littersisters

Pilgrimage Tour

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Минск, Bus
Expired dates, to 3 days
1 people
Hotel: Not specified
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Travel by comfortable bus;

Excursion service on the program

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Excursions to monasteries.

Personal expenses.


We recommend to take with you on the road:
Passport - a must!!! (on the border always check)
1) fresh flowers. ODD number: in the temple of mother, taking flowers for their consecration of the relics of St. Matrona, and then cut the buds; at the exit you will have lit the buds (which brought other members).
2) the Petals of these flowers have great healing powers, both physical and moral: it is good to add a little in tea, in them good to bathe children. Flowers you can bring your own, but you can buy on the spot - flower stalls operate from early morning (at the price of 120-150 rubles/PCs)
3) Containers for Holy water. Containers can be purchased on site (worth 5L.-50rub.with a sticker that says prayer)
4) Dry rations. Will help save You money in the way.
5) Traditional clothes. Women when visiting the Orthodox Church is encouraged to wear a headscarf and long skirt (pareo).
6) at Home to prepare notes on the health, prayers for the dead, prayers, etc.
To Mother Matrona to write a note of request in any form
7) a Small bag for the Shrine.
8) For Orthodox pectoral CROSS.
9) Money. Russian rubles for themselves.

Tour programm on 3 days

1 day
Departure from Minsk.

Departure from d/with "Amicable", the evening and night You transiting Belarus and Russia

Day 2
Sergiev Posad and Moscow

Seven hundred years the relics of the Monk are a fertile source of assistance for people, with faith coming to this great Shrine. Healing the sick and casting out demons, help the sorrowful family and difficult situations, deliverance and help in education — many miracles like this never ceases to be, through the prayers of St. Sergius. Recently published evidence of the miracles and healings from the relics of St. Sergius in our days.
In 1644 during the repair of the porch of the assumption Cathedral were found to be a source of healing. Water from this source have healed a blind monk Paphnutius. Subsequent miracles approved Orthodox people in believing in the miraculous of this water, and the power was reaching the afflicted from all parts of Russia.
Every Saturday at 12.00 performed a moleben and akathist to STS. Joachim and Anna for the gift of children and family well-being of the spouses.
Since ancient times, people resorted for help in his grief of infertility to SS. right. Joachim and Anna — parents of the blessed virgin.
Since ancient times, people come here from different estates to pray for the gift of Chad, getting, please, they, in gratitude to the Lord and his saints brought rich gifts to the creation and adornment of the monastery. From the XVIII century in the monastery appears miraculous "Merciful" icon of the Mother of God, revered by many for healing and resolution of family sorrows.
Currently in the abode of the divine services daily, throughout the day you can come to pray, to request a prayer for the gift of Chad.
A wife's prayers to the Mother of God, STS. right. Joachim and Anna, the founders of the monastery of the SPPD. Juliana and Eupraxia was delivered from the bonds of neplatite and gave birth to long-awaited children.
Here You can climb to the observation deck, which offers wonderful views of the Moscow river and the Kremlin.
At the monastery was a miraculous icon of Khlynov (Vyatka), who disappeared in the years of persecution of the Church. The monastery remains revered list with Athos miraculous icons of the Mother of God "vsetsaritsa", to which people address the most serious diseases. For 20 years Novospassky monastery Ministers oncological Institute named after Gertsen, where weekly worship is held. Like a hundred years ago, the monastery created a semblance of society "Sobriety". There are rehabilitation drug and alcohol addicts. In the village Durakovo erected a temple in honor of icon of mother of God "inexhaustible chalice".
o Belt of St. John of Kronstadt.
o the Tomb of the Romanov boyars.
o mother of God, called "vsetsaritsa".
o the Icon of the miraculous image of the Savior in the Novospassky monastery.
Of the Holy virgin, the reliquary of blessed Matrona of Moscow (more prayers were done healing the infirm, her prophecies and many predskazaniyami to avoid danger and death,hundreds of pilgrims priezzhayte all places to venerate the relics of the "Matrona").
Shortly before his death said Mother Matron:"All, all come to me and tell me how alive, of your sorrows, I will see you, and to hear and help you." Pilgrims from everywhere flock to the relics of the Monk. Many people who come in prayer to her, she helped, taught, enlightened, healed from spiritual and physical ailments.
o Relics of St. Matrona of Moscow.
o mother of God "perishing", written by the artist with the blessing of St. Matrona.
A visit to the hypermarket "Auchan".
19.00 Departure to Minsk.

Day 3
Arrival in Minsk

04:00-06:00 - arrival to Minsk

Матрона Московская

Святая блаженная Матрона Московская – одна из самых известных и почитаемых православных святых.
Имевшая от рождения дар чудотворения, она ещё до кончины своей стала известна, как молитвенница и подвижница во славу Божью. Вся её жизнь стала примером великого духовного подвига любви, терпения, самоотречения и сострадания.

При жизни Матронушки у ее дома всегда были паломники. Люди приезжали за помощью к матушке за десятки километров со своими болезнями, тревогами, скорбями. И Матронушка помогала, исцеляла, наставляла.

Блаженная Матрона не требовала от людей многого, но всегда требовала — верить в Бога. Так же учила не отчаиваться и по мере сил пытаться исправлять свою жизнь от грехов и пороков с помощью Божией.

Поток паломников, чтобы приложиться к ее святых мощам, не иссякает и сегодня: с раннего утра до поздней ночи к Абельмановской заставе, где расположен Покровский ставропигиальный женский монастырь, идут люди с цветами. Чаще всего это белые розы и хризантемы – их Матрона любила более всех и не любила цветов искусственных. К Матронушке – так ласково называют ее люди – приходят семьями, идут женщины, мужчины.

Современники запомнили ее очень светлой, ласковой, с тихим голосом. Никогда не жаловалась, принимая все, выпавшее на ее долю, как даваемое от Бога.

Блаженная предсказывала: «После моей смерти на могилку мою мало будет ходить людей, только близкие, а когда и они умрут, запустеет моя могилка, разве изредка кто придет. Но через много лет люди узнают про меня и пойдут толпами за помощью в своих горестях и с просьбами помолиться за них ко Господу Богу, и я всем буду помогать и всех услышу». Еще перед смертью она сказала : «Все, все приходите ко мне и рассказывайте, как живой, о своих скорбях, я буду вас видеть, и слышать, и помогать вам».

А еще матушка говорила, что все, кто доверит себя и жизнь свою ее ходатайству ко Господу, спасутся. «Всех, кто обращается ко мне за помощью, я буду встречать при их смерти, каждого».

На поклонение к Матроне Московской

Матрона Мсковская

Матрона Мсковская

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