Journey in the New year in Lapland to see Santa Claus with a visit to the Arctic zoo! 6 days

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Christmas and New Year

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Минск, Bus
Expired dates, to 6 days
1 people
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The price includes

Travel in a comfortable tourist class bus for the entire trip.
Support the group leader throughout the trip.
Place on the ferry Tallinn - Helsinki - Tallinn
Accommodation in hotel 3* in TLL - 1 night
Accommodation in 3* hotels in Finland - 3 nights with Breakfast

The tour price is not included

If You are traveling alone, compulsory extra charge for single occupancy in hotels 110 €

Tour programm on 6 days

Departure from Minsk in the early morning (exact time please refer to our website 2 days prior to the tour section for customers "departure" tour). Departure to Tallinn. The transit through the territory of Lithuania , Latvia and Estonia. Arrival to Tallinn. You will go on a walking tour of the evening Tallinn.

During the evening tour You learn the history of the 800 year old city, you will see Orthodox Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, where he started his career the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alexy II, St. Mary's Cathedral will delight You with its splendor, and in it lie the remains of Ivan Fedorovich Krusenstern, and St. Olaf's Church was the largest building in the world. Holy spirit Church built in the XIV century, it is the altar of the XV century. Admire the city from observation platforms, get a wish in the dome of the Church, learn the history of the Church of St. spirit and Niguliste, see one of the oldest town Halls in Europe. Stroll through the streets Long and Short Leg, learn about the Brotherhood of the blackheads and Great Guild hall. Walking through the cobbled streets of Tallinn old town, enjoy the sounds of the organ, which came from the old churches. Pay attention to the ringing of bells on the roofs of the old houses, where you will see beautiful pinwheels. The pride of the Estonians is the building Gothic town Hall which for over 600 years. From tours You will get unforgettable impressions.
Accommodation in 3* hotel in the surroundings of Tallinn (accommodation in double rooms). Overnight at the hotel.

Early departure to the port. Landing for the ferry company Viking Line. The possibility to have Breakfast (~10 €). Departure to Helsinki. The arrival of the ferry in Helsinki.

During a bus and walking tour You will get acquainted with the city, which emerged in the 16th century. The famous oldest market, Kauppatori where to attract Your attention Souvenirs made of reindeer fur and horns, the famous fur and Finnish knives, see the oldest covered market Helsingfors - Kauppahalli, where, along with numerous fish specialties you can try, and bear meat, and venison. Our journey will continue along the Esplanade - a favorite place of walks of the inhabitants of Helsinki and visitors of the capital of Finland. We will meet numerous monuments of Helsinki, such as the monument to Jan Sibelius, Alexander 2, Senator Michelino, public figure Snellman, and completely romantic, for example, the monument to mother's love. Also you will enjoy the unique architecture of the capital of Finland - the famous ensemble of the Senate square, exhibition hall "Finland ", the famous Church in the rock.
Departure to Oulu. Travel time (~ 600 km). Arrival in the evening.

The city of Oulu was founded in 1605 by king Karl IX in the Bothnian Bay at the mouth of the river Oulu (Oulujoki), it is addressed to the castle on the island of Linnansaari (Linnansaari). Oulu is the cultural capital of Northern Finland. There are many artists, writers and musicians, including "shouting choir" Mieskuoro Huutajat (Mieskuoro Huutajat), known differently as the Screaming Men. The city's many museums, including the impressive Tiedekeskus, Tietomaa (Tiedekeskus Tietomaa), the first Finnish science centre, which hosts thematic exhibitions all year round.
Accommodation in 3* hotel in the surroundings of Oulu (accommodation in double rooms).
If you are lucky you will have the opportunity to admire the Northern lights. The Northern lights can be seen in the clear dark night. The best time to observe the Northern lights from 21:00 to 23:30 PM.
Ghostly lights in the sky Finns are called 'revontulet', which translates as "fire Fox". This name originates in the culture of the Sami, which, according to legend, the Aurora Borealis appeared from behind a Fox running through the snow covered hills and sending its tail snow sparks into the sky. Other peoples of the North believed that the Northern lights originated from the blood of the dead, the blood that was shed, when the spirits played ball or rode horses in the afterlife. Another legend States that this phenomenon happens when Thor hurls lightning in Vainamoinen (Väinämöinen), the hero of the great Finnish epic, the Kalevala. In fact, from Siberia to Scotland, and in the great plains of America, each culture in which these charming lights appear, created his own mythology to explain the lights. It is surrounded with as much legends as the Sun and the moon.
Science gives us the explanation is not less beautiful. The cause of the Northern lights are mostly solar flares that create solar storms and solar winds that came and to our planet. Solar winds carry electrons, which collide with molecules in the ionosphere, creating electromagnetic radiation whose spectrum ranges from infrared to ultraviolet. Visible spectrum is mostly white and green, produced by oxygen molecules in a state of excitement, and the pink light is emitted from nitrogen.
Overnight at the hotel.

Breakfast. Trip to Lapland to visit Santa Claus in Rovaniemi.

Near the town of Rovaniemi, in the forest hidden Elukka is a magical forest village populated by elves and trolls - the most important helpers of Santa Claus! And right on the Arctic circle, in an underground cave in the hill Syuvesenvaara, guests from around the world meets Santa Park (entrance tickets for extra charge)
In Santa Park You can visit a myriad of locations and activities such as a Giant Snow Globe, an Elf Post Office, Gift shop "the Elf Toy Factory," the Christmas Bakery Gingerbread, the Show "Secrets of the Elven Toy Factory" , a Dance Show Santa Park (3 times a day), a Magical Train "the seasons" , Workshop Elves, Calligraphy School, Playground Angry Birds, a School of Elves (5 times a day), Ice Gallery and Bar accompanied by an Ice Princess You will also have the opportunity to visit the champagne Bar and a cafeteria "the Cat", I can cross the Arctic Circle and don't forget to send a personalized Christmas video greeting card via JoinMe Tube!
Though the elves are very naughty and restless people, they are always very welcoming and happy to help you find, whatever it is. And if you are especially lucky, they will tell you some top secret Christmas secrets. You will meet with Santa Claus in his ear where You can whisper your heart's desire, but you prepared gifts for your children, he will gladly hand.
After visiting Santa Parka, on request, for an additional fee You can get unforgettable impressions and emotions ride on a sled pulled by dogs Haski and visit the deer Safari where You can ride on a sleigh pulled by reindeer.
Return to the hotel. Preparing for the New year. When you set an organized group of possible new year's eve dinner for extra cost. Rest.

Breakfast. Free day in Oulu or on request transfer to the Northern natural Park in the world – the Arctic zoo in Ranua (additional fee 10 € + admission: adults 17,50 €, children -15 €).

Ranua zoo – the main attraction of Lapland for a family holiday. Upon entering the zoo you will meet a polar bear Jonne is the communicative character of the white bear that wanders through the Park and welcomes visitors with a friendly growl. Jonne – the guy is fast, it can be seen here and there. Of the four polar bears living in the Ranua zoo, one Jonne is allowed to move freely within the grounds of the Park. These white bears live in the spacious pens!

At the zoo a wide variety of services for the whole family is not only the world of wildlife, with about 50 species of Arctic and Northern wild animals: white and brown bears, lynx, wolves, moose, owls, reindeer and other representatives of the Northern fauna habitat which is as close to their natural habitat. Especially in winter in the wildlife Park life changes completely. For many Arctic animals winter is a natural habitat, and they can be easily observed in the snow.

In the Park in winter erecting snow and ice sculptures, which form an integral part of the Arctic wildlife Park. Also in the zoo have the opportunity to go skiing, Snowmobiling, husky and reindeer safaris (extra charge). The majority of visitors travelling through the Park on a sled, riding with snowy slopes and enjoying the breathtaking scenery of the Arctic nature. To freeze, we recommend you dress them in warm clothes. And don't forget to take along the soft Mat for the sled (toboggan rental included in the entrance fee). And your children will be able to travel through the Park on a mini-snowmobiles, they are equipped with a special track (extra charge).
After walking around the zoo you can relax in the cosy warmth of the restaurant "Lapland hut" where You can dine and keep warm by the fireplace.
In the afternoon departure towards Helsinki via Oulu. Check in at the hotel. Overnight at the hotel.

Breakfast. Departure to the port. Landing on the ferry. The timing for the ferry departure ~11:00. Arrival to Tallinn. Departure to Minsk.

Breakfast. Departure to the port. Landing on the ferry. The timing for the ferry departure ~11:00. Arrival to Tallinn. Departure to Minsk.

Arrival in Minsk at night/early in the morning.

Arrival in Minsk at night/early in the morning.

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