TREASURES OF GREECE. Minsk-Lviv - Thessaloniki – Meteora - Athens - Olympia - Nafplion - Mycenae - Athens - Corinth - Patra - Delphi - Thessaloniki – Lviv-Minsk

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О туре

Минск, Bus
Expired dates, to 13 days
1 people
Hotel: Mitzithras 2*
Accommodation types: DBL (двухместный номер)
Types of Food: RO (без питания)

Arrival Dates

Даты отправления уточняйте у менеджера тура по телефонам или пишите свои вопросы в мини-чате тура!

The price includes

travel Minsk=Lviv-Greece-Lviv-Minsk;
support groups representative of the company on the whole route
accommodation in hotels: 2, 3 seater / power type:
- 1 night in hotel in Lviv RO (no meals);
- 1 night in transit hotel. Thessaloniki / BB (Breakfast);
- 5 nights at the hotel Pappas Loutraki M. / HB (Breakfast and dinner);
- 5 nights in Mitzithras hotel Loutraki m / RO (no meals);
- 1 night in transit hotel. Thessaloniki / BB (Breakfast);

The tour price is not included

• optional excursions:
- Holy Meteora - 25 € / person;
- Delphi - 15 € / pers.;
- The monastery of St. Potapov, Ancient Corinth, lake Vouliagmeni - 15 € / pers.;
Ancient Olympia is 35 € / person;
- Argolis (Mycenae, Nafplion, Nemea) - 25 € / person;
- Wine tasting in Nemea - 10 € / person;
- Kalavryta - 30 € / person;
- Athens - € 25 / person..
• entrance tickets to museums and archaeological sites:
- Delphi 12,00 € / person.
- Ancient Corinth 8,00 € / person.
- Patras, Olympia 12,00 € / person.
- Mycenae 12,00 € / person.
- Wine tasting in Nemea with snacks 10 € / person.
Athens (viewpoint) 5,00 € / person.
- Meteors (two monasteries) 6,00 € / person.
• visa support - 90 € adult (submission at the visa application centre)
• medical insurance;
• travel service - 40 BYN.


Attention! Tourists who are traveling alone can be settled in 3 to 4-bed rooms.

Attention! The tour operator reserves the right to change the sequence of the implemented program and, if necessary, to change some optional programs for the equivalent.

The tour operator is not responsible for the work of the customs and border services, as well as traffic jams and weather conditions, if this affects the program.

Tour programm on 13 days

Departure from Minsk.

Departure from Minsk to Lviv by train or bus after 19:00. Specified when booking the tour.


Arrival to Lviv in the morning. Independent arrival at the hotel. Free time. Overnight.

Shipment to Greece

6:30 group Gathering at the railway station in Lviv.
7:00 Departure to GREECE. You can join a group in stry - 8:30; Mukachevo - 11:30; Beregovo - 12:30. Border crossing.
Night crossing.


Arrival in Thessaloniki.
Sightseeing tour of "THESSALONIKI - the capital of the Greek province of Macedonia", the city is located on the shore of the thermaic Gulf. Life in this amazing city at all times abounds. Now Thessaloniki is a modern city with thriving Commerce and industry. Streets, spacious squares, sidewalk cafés, gourmet restaurants invite guests to relax after visiting archaeological sites, trendy shops and commercial centres. The main symbol of the city – the White tower, built on the Gulf coast. Famous landmarks: triumphal arch and tomb of Galerius, rotunda, St. Demetrius Basilica with the relics of St. (the patron Saint of the city).
The second largest city of Greece takes the first place in your heart.
Accommodation in the transit hotel.
Free time. Bed

Meteora - Athens

Check out of the hotel.
Transfer to Loutraki.
Excursion to the HOLY METEORA (25 €) is the second largest monastic Republic in Greece after mount Athos, is based on a gigantic steep rocks. This is the place where both fear and delight: the celestial monasteries, built in the XII century on the tops of cliffs with unique frescos, ancient icons, Holy relics. During the tour a visit to the two monasteries, where you can get acquainted with the everyday life of the monks, explore ancient temples.
In Your memory will forever remain an amazing place where heavenly grace is incomprehensible combined with the beauty of creation, and the richness of the earth's gifts with the height of the ascetic spirit.
Free time in Kalambaka.
Transfer to LOUTRAKI is one of the most famous thermal resorts in Greece, located on the coast of the Gulf of Corinth, linking the Aegean and Ionian seas. The health resort is famous not only for clean sea and a nice beach, but also healing mineral waters, Wellness treatments which offers a local hydrotherapy centre. The city has a reputation as a resort with a developed tourist infrastructure and plenty of entertainment for every taste. On the beautiful promenade there are numerous taverns, bars and discos. In addition, it offers gambling guests is one of the largest in Europe, famous casino, Club Hotel Casino Loutraki. Nearby is a water Park that attracts every year thousands of outdoor enthusiasts. It offers resort – all popular types of water sports: water skis, surfing, banana, water bicycles, yachts, scuba diving, etc.
Accommodation at the hotel.

Stay in Loutraki

The rest of the sea.
Excursions to the monastery of ST. PETOPIA, Ancient CORINTH, lake VOULIAGMENI (15 €).
Transfer to Ancient Corinth. Visit to the archaeological object: UTB and the temple of Apollo, and road Legion with porticos, shops, and public baths. In the centre of the Agora - tribune, which once preached by the Apostle Paul. Visit to the Archaeological Museum, which contains interesting finds discovered during the excavations.
On the way stop at the Corinth canal for photos.
Departure to the monastery of St. Petopia located at an altitude of about 700m above sea level. For many years he healed and returned to the life of sick people. The cave where the relics of blessed Petopia, decorated with unique frescoes of the XIV century. From the observation platform of the monastery offers amazing views of the Gulf of Corinth, the Peloponnese, the Aegean and Ionian seas. Visit the caves where the relics of the Saint and of the Church of the assumption, then visit the temple of Hera.
Transfer to lake Vouliagmeni (Vouliagmeni). Guests can dine in the tavern or take a dip in the clear waters of the lake.
Return to Loutraki.
Free time, SPA Loutraki.
Dinner. Overnight.

Stay in Loutraki

The rest of the sea.
Excursion to ANCIENT OLYMPIA (35 €) - home of the Olympic flame, the place where the world's sporting tradition and glory. Check out the Western Peloponnese on the picturesque road along the sea, the Corinth-Patras. In Patras stop visit to the Church of St. Andrew. Next, move to Olympia, tour of Olympia. This sanctuary was built few years ago. Here worshiped the gods of Gaia, Kronos, Rhea, Zeus. Every four years in honor of Zeus the Olympic games were held. During the tour visit the temple of Hera, where the place of the altar light the Olympic fire, viewing the ruins of the temple of Olympian Zeus, the stadium where the athletes competed. A visit to the Museum, which houses a unique sculpture that once adorned the temples.
Excursion to KALAVRYTA (30 €). Visit the monastery of Mega Spileo ("the Big cave"), one of the most famous monasteries of Greece, which houses the miraculous icon of the blessed virgin. Next, drive to the traditional village of Kalavryta, where you will be offered either free time for lunch. The tour will continue to visit the unique Cave of Lakes, the rare miracle of nature. In addition to labyrinths, mystical columns and amazing stalactite formations it has something special, namely a three-level lakes, which makes the cave unique.
Return to Loutraki.
Dinner. Overnight.

Stay in Loutraki

The rest of the sea.
Departure to Argolis. On the way stop at the Corinth canal for photos.
Argolis is the oldest place of civilization of Greece and Europe, it attracts people interested in mythology, archeology and history of ancient Mycenaean culture. On the territory of Argolis are located an extremely interesting archaeological sites:
MYCENAE – the capital of the ancient civilization of the XV-XVI centuries BC Inspection archaeological complex: the Lion's gate, Circular tomb, the Royal castle, the tomb of Agamemnon (Treasury of Atreus), etc.
NAFPLIO – former capital of Greece (the ancient Lerna, where according to legend, Hercules fought and defeated the lernaean Hydra). Walk through the old town and the resort area. The city enchants you with its narrow pedestrian streets and cosy squares, lots of flowers and beautiful sea view.
Then moving to NUMB. Visit the winery, wine tasting. (10 €)
Return to Loutraki.
Free time.
The rest of the sea.

Stay in Loutraki

The rest of the sea.
Excursion to ATHENS (25 €). Guests will experience life unique to the city, where antiquity merges with the present. This city, where life began more than five millennia ago, was recognized as a center of culture and art in those days, when most of today's major European centers did not exist. In the vicinity guests will see the white marble Panathenaic Stadium – the venue of the first modern Olympic Games in 1896, the Parliament building, the tomb of the Unknown soldier, triumfalno Hadrian's arch, Constitution square and soldiers Guard the Presidential Palace, dressed in national uniform, Russian Church. Trinity, unique buildings of the University of Athens and the national library. Completes the tour visit the Museum of the Acropolis from the veranda which you will see the majestic Acropolis.
Free time for lunch and a walk through the old part of the city – Plaka. This is the old historical neighbourhood of Athens with many small museums, souvenir shops, tavernas and cafes. The atmosphere is ancient, but at the same time a living city.
Return to Loutraki.
Free time, we recommend you stay in the SPA town of Loutraki.

Delphi. Thessaloniki

Check out of the hotel. Transfer to Thessaloniki.
Excursion to DELPHI (20 €) - the center of religion in ancient Greece, situated on the slopes of mount Parnassus. According to the ancient Greeks it was the center of the universe, the "navel of the earth." In the Holy city, where the ancient Greeks built the Treasury, showing the whole of Greece the wealth and greatness of each individual policy, visitors will be enchanted with a visit to the archaeological zone: the famous sanctuary, the theatre, the ruins of the temple of Apollo, Museum of Delphi, which among many other ancient monuments, you can see a unique statue of the Charioteer.
Arrival in Thessaloniki.
Accommodation in the transit hotel.


Check out of the hotel.
Travel in Ukraine.
Night crossing.

Departure to Minsk

Arriving in the city.
Departure to Minsk by train or by bus. Specified when booking the tour.


Arrival in Minsk in the morning

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