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О туре

Минск, Bus
Expired dates, to 8 days
1 people
Hotel: Мирный курорт 3*
Accommodation types: DBL (двухместный номер)
Types of Food: RO (без питания)

Arrival Dates

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The price includes

Travel by comfortable bus;
Hotel accommodation (5 nights);
Excursion service according to the program;
Escort services

The tour price is not included

Travel service - 50 BYN;
Medical insurance – $ 3 ;
Single occupancy;
Optional excursions (AT will!);
Personal expenses



Tour programm on 8 days

1 day
Departure from Minsk. On the way pick up tourists from Bobruisk - Gomel

Departure from Minsk at approximately 13.00. The passage of the Belarusian-Ukrainian border. For those who wish, a visit to the duty free shop "duty free". Night crossing.

Day 2
The acquaintance with Odessa

Smile! You are in ODESSA. Accommodation in the hotel "peaceful Resort 3*": is a 10-minute walk from the beach, well landscaped territory with green plantings. Comfortable double rooms with all conveniences (shower or bath, San.knot, air conditioning, fridge, TV (cable TV). Free time.


Visit to the Odessa Opera theater: each city has its own character. In Odessa is Odessa national academic theater of Opera and ballet — the most beautiful in Ukraine and one of the most beautiful in the world. The magazine "Forbes" included Odessa theater in the list of most unusual sights of Eastern Europe. On this stage you can see and hear everything from the classics to modern compositions; from conventional to phantasmagorical theatrical acts. (Tickets for the performance are paid extra,$7).

Day 3
Optional excursion or free day in Odessa!

Free day in Odessa – this is a great opportunity to spend time by the sea and enjoy the sea air and the warm sun!


Boat trip: What could be more beautiful than on a hot summer day to take a walk on the boat? Basking on the deck, enjoy the nice breeze with the scent of sea waves ruffled his hair, a light spray refreshes the face. Routes run along the coast of Odessa with access to the open sea. You will be able to admire the beauty of the city in the eyes of a traveler-Explorer. (Extra charge of 12$).

Evening sightseeing tour of the city: city Centre, Arcadia, Big Fountain, French Boulevard (there are recreation and health centers, Botanical gardens, a winery, a film Studio), Shevchenko Avenue, Pushkinskaya street, Tamozhennaya square, sea port, ancient streets and other remarkable objects in the city. The second part is a walking tour. Walk around the pedestrian blocks of the city (Primorsky Boulevard, Dumskaya square), Architectural monuments: Opera theatre, Philharmonic society, municipal Duma, Palace of count M. S. Vorontsov, Theatrical and Sobornaya squares, Theaters and Museums. Visit the Italian patio, Palais Royal, City garden. (Additional payment of 6$).

Day 4
Optional excursion or free day in Odessa!

Free day in Odessa!


Excursion "Criminal Odessa": "the Whole smuggling is produced in Odessa in Malaya Arnautskaya," – said Bender. And he did so, was right! You have been waiting for on the Moldavian and Privoz. You are looking for, "or are you not coming?!", near the house Gotsman and Bears jap (aka Mikhail Vinnitsky, he's Benya Krik). After you have watched from the Windows, where were born James bond and Stirlitz. You want to see where defiled Sonka "Golden hand". You ask: who? So we will answer you: we are! Here is the language of itchy Schaub you for all of them to tell. Spare us from this itch and you will learn on this tour of the sensational scams and robberies, you hear about wit and charm Odessa's criminals, you'll see places associated with their favorite movies and criminal past of Odessa... (Paid extra,$ 7).

Visit the Museum of smuggling: Let's be fair and objective in Odessa smuggling carried, dragged, dragged and threw everything: Greeks, Italians, Jews, poles, Russians, Ukrainians... And it has always done: from the time when the city was a fortress hadzhibey to the present day, when Odessa – the regional city of Ukraine. It is not surprising that Odessa, the descendants of desperate smugglers, decided to perpetuate the memory of ancestors.

Near Deribasovskaya, near the Opera house, on St. Catherine street, the house 6, in the basement with a rich history, opened the Museum of smuggling. His owner never had any relation to any kind of "Shaher-Maher" and the customs service, simple, honest businessman, expert on the history of his native city, wants to attract to Odessa a lot of visitors. (Paid admission ticket,$3).

Day 5
Optional excursion or free day in Odessa!

Free day in Odessa!


Early in the morning will be arranged in both sides of the market "the 7th kilometer" is one of the largest markets in Ukraine, where you can find a variety of goods: clothes, shoes, fur, household goods, textiles and more. In Odessa, say: "Buy the market". Here they say "Make a market"! (Paid extra,$ 7).

"Jewish Odessa": We say the Jews, implied – Odessa! We say – Odessa, mean - the Jews. The language, which from an easy hand of Babel began to consider Odessa. What do you want!? During the first 150 years of existence of multinational Odessa, the Jewish population has accounted for one third of the total number of residents. Sofya blyuvstein and Mikhail Vinnitsky, Shalom Aleichem and Isaac Babel, zhvanetski and Roman Kartsev... and thousands, and thousands of other representatives of this great, ancient people painted the history of Odessa in the brightest colors. Go on a tour of "Jewish Odessa." And then, God forbid, you miss it!) (Additional payment of 6$).

Day 6
Optional excursion or free day in Odessa!

Free day in Odessa!


"So you failed!" - excursion to Odessa catacombs.

Odessa catacombs is a wonderful world of old underground workings in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, located under Odessa and its suburbs. This is one of the longest and most complicated in the world of mazes and tunnels. Some caves are much older than the city itself, their age is estimated more than 3 million years. The legendary fame, the catacombs of Odessa has acquired thanks to the absolutely fantastic size – the total length of workings is estimated by specialists at 3000 km, leaving far behind the catacombs of Paris and Rome. Due to its scale, the dark, the silence and lack of communication with the outside world tour Odessa catacombs - an endless storehouse of unusual and amazing. (Additionally paid, 11$).

Day 7
Optional excursion or free day in Odessa!

Check-out before 12.00. Free time.


Tour "Odessa's yards" (with dinner)

Having visited this excursion you will plunge into the atmosphere of the city and feel the same Odessa that the whole world knows, but few can find and feel! You will travel through places that are hidden from the eyes of passers-by. You will see what you can't see many indigenous people, and hear the secrets and intrigues, accumulated over two centuries, Odessa courtyards and doorways. The guide will tell about the structure and architecture of Odessa yard, about the complicated and exciting life of ordinary citizens of Odessa, which piled a lot of jokes. Of course, not remain without attention of celebrities who were born in the most unforgettable courtyards of old Odessa, and those who once visited Odessa, was unable to leave. So be careful if you are not planning to relocate and move to the pearl of the black sea. (Extra charge of$ 8).

The touching ceremony of farewell to Odessa...

In the evening departure to Minsk. The passage of the Ukrainian-Belarusian border. Night crossing.

Day 8
Arrival to Minsk

Arrival in Minsk in the first half of the day.

Price tour 155 USD to 8 days,  1 people Book tour


улица Кальварийская, 17, офис 111 | Беларусь, Минск

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