Schengen visa

Как получить визу? Как и где оформить документы для визы? Сколько времени требуется для подготовки документов? Сделаем любую шенгенскую визу быстро. Получайте бесплатную консультацию у наших лучших специалистов!

О визе

Execution time: 7 days

Entry Type: Однократный

Purpose of stay: Туристическая

Feed Type: Личная подача

Required documents

1. Completed survey
2. Valid passport not older than 10 years from the date of issuance
3. Two photographs size 3,5 x 4,5 cm
4. Certificate of employment stating position, salary for the last 3 months.

For PI
1. A copy of the certificate of state registration
2. Copy of Bank statement of cash flow for 6 months and a final positive balance on the account UI
3. A copy of the certificate from the tax of no debt

For students
1. A copy of student card
2. The certificate of the educational institution
3. Sponsorship letter from a close relative (parent) + copy of birth certificate + income certificate of the sponsor

For minors
1. Copy of birth certificate + passport of the parents
2. A copy issued by a notary permission to travel abroad from both parents
3. Copy of certificate from educational institution (school/ kindergarten)
4. A copy of the sponsor letter from parent + Copy of proof of income of sponsor

For seniors
1. A copy of the pension certificate
2. Extract from social security of pension received for the last 3 months


The paperwork in the office during the day.

Стоимость визы 10 USD +67 USD Consular fee Order visa

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