Как получить визу? Как и где оформить документы для визы? Сколько времени требуется для подготовки документов? Сделаем любую шенгенскую визу быстро. Получайте бесплатную консультацию у наших лучших специалистов!

О визе

Execution time: 12 days

Entry Type: Однократный

Purpose of stay: Туристическая

Feed Type: Безличная подача

Required documents

Documents for E-visa:
high quality ( 300 dpi) scanning : page 31-32 of the passport and 1 photo, booking flights and / or hotel, fin.warranty.
The file must be larger than 900 x 2000 pixels.
The size of the photo file : format , jpeg, 200-400 x 257-514 larger than 60 KB.
Alternatively, you can provide originals for scanning in the office of the travel Agency :
Fin.guarantee the passport and 1 photo. Photo :x 1 PC., colored, frosted, size 4cm x 5cm , (face 80%, the distance from chin to nose 13-15 mm, white background ).


NB! All documents are in Russian.

* Girls younger than 32 years of age who travel unaccompanied, you must provide either a work statement or a copy of the Bank account;

* Girls under 25 and Boys under the age of 23 who are traveling unaccompanied, are required to pay a security Deposit of 20,000 ROS.RUB. which is returned after departure from the UAE, if the period of stay not to exceed 29 days

When you apply may require additional documents upon request.

It is mandatory to provide your air travel.
Documents for visa can be submitted electronically.
Confirmation of obtaining a visa is an electronic copy of the letter from Management on Affairs of Citizenship and Migration Ministerstva Internal Affairs (Ministry of Interior, General Directorate of Residency & Foreigners Affairs), the UAE with a unique identification number in PDF format.
A letter is printed to any printer on white A4 paper and is legal proof of permission to stay in the UAE.

Стоимость визы 55 USD +90 USD Consular fee Order visa


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