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Как получить визу? Как и где оформить документы для визы? Сколько времени требуется для подготовки документов? Сделаем любую шенгенскую визу быстро. Получайте бесплатную консультацию у наших лучших специалистов!

О визе

Execution time: 10 days

Entry Type: Однократный

Purpose of stay: Туристическая

Feed Type: Безличная подача

Required documents


- passport valid for more than 6 months after the expiry of the visa;
- 1 photograph not older than 6 months, strictly meet the requirements of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Thailand 4x6 cm or 3,5 x4,5 cm;
- certificate of employment (IN ENGLISH OR TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH);
- certificate from the Bank (if the account in Belarusian rubles, be SURE the Bank indicates the equivalent in dollars or euros) with the amount of 20,000 baht (~700$) per person or 40,000 baht (~1400$) for a family(IN ENGLISH OR TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH);
- a copy of tickets in both directions (IN ENGLISH);
- hotel booking for entire stay (ENGLISH);
- signed application form (only 2 signatures in the Signature lines highlighted in gray).
- legibly filled the questionnaire (filled in Russian language)

For minors:
- copy of birth certificate (even accompanied by their parents). If the child is travelling accompanied by parents OR WITH ONE PARENT must provide a photocopy of a power of attorney from both parents (OR FROM the SECOND PARENT) and a copy of the 1st page of the passport giving the consent of the child. (TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH)
- to confirm the relationship, a copy SVID-VA about marriage, divorce, death, change your name, the judgment/court decision, etc. is STRICTLY TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH WITH the TRANSLATION Agency SEAL.
- reference from place of study(for students) (ENGLISH OR TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH);

Personal presence when applying for a visa is not required, You can also send documents via Express shipment, immediately ordered, and return shipping from our office to Your address. For the safety of Your investments is responsible Your chosen courier service.


Single entry tourist visa to Thailand for citizens of Belarus is valid for 3 months from the date of issuance. A term of not more than 60 days. Stay is calculated from the day of crossing the border. (If You entered on the last day of the visa validity you can stay in the country for another 60 days.) The extension allowed the Department of migration for 30 days.
Please note that citizens of Belarus officially forbidden to apply for a visa "on arrival", i.e. arrival at the airport, on the border of Thailand. In this regard, there were incidents of returning to the country, the citizens, have taken a trip to a neighboring country with a single visa. Please plan Your trip.
The visa processing time is up to 10 working days. Visa is issued at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Thailand in Moscow.
The visa is valid for “on entry” for: single entry – 3 months from the date of issue of the visa at the Consulate. The validity of the visa is determined by the consular officer, and the period of stay in the country, is placed in Your passport, the border officer and can be changed at their discretion.

Discount for visa to children, pensioners and other preferential categories of citizens does not exist! In case of refusal of registration, Thai visa, the visa application fee and services are not refundable.

Стоимость визы 80 USD Order visa

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